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Payout Details for Bag #226990

thredUP listing prices are based on the average price a customer is willing to pay for your specific item, taking into consideration its condition, brand and style. We pay you up front based on the price we expect your item to sell for (based on years of research), which may be less than its original listing price. If your item is being sold consignment, you will be paid after the item sells. If you have additional questions, please check out our detailed FAQs for consignment pricing structure and up-front payouts , or contact our support team.

Total Earned
$ 9.83

Earned Upfront

Upfront Payout

Our specialists have carefully reviewed your bag. After examining each item, we've determined that the total upfront payout for the items we will be able to resell is $9.83.

Gymboree Summer Dress 7
Gymboree Summer Dress
Gymboree 7
Gymboree Shorts
Gymboree Jean Short 7
Gymboree Jean Shorts *
Hanna Andersson Top, Short Sleeve *
Hanna Andersson Top, Long
Hanna Andersson Top, Long Sleeve
Gymboree Shorts 7
Gymboree Shorts
Gymboree Tank Top 7
Gymboree Tank Top
Hanna Andersson T-shirt, Short
Hanna Andersson T Shirt, Short S...
Gymboree Jean Short 7
Gymboree Jean Shorts
Mudd Jean Short 6X
Mudd Jean Shorts