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10 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

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It’s mid-October. Unless you’re among the hyper-organized, super-crafty 3% of people, you probably don’t know what to be for Halloween. Enter Jen Garry of Cuddles & Chaos, who has a few tips for us this year on cute and easy costumes. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of over half-naked Halloween costumes. I mean, it’s the end of October. It’s cold in most places in the country. And since when did constantly tugging at stretched pieces of fabric to ward off major wardrobe malfunctions become fun? No thanks.

Instead, I’m taking matters into my own hands and putting together a fun, simple costume of my own that will keep me warm and able to break out into my janky dance moves without fear of giving “letting loose” a whole different meaning.

I found ten really simple costume ideas that adults or children could wear:

1. Mary Poppins via Keiko Lynn

Mary Poppins

Classic and immediately recognizable, there’s not much creating that needs to go into this one. A black skirt, white button down shirt, gloves, big bag, umbrella and pork pie hat are easy enough to find.

2. Tooth and Tooth Fairy via Julie Ann Art

tooth and tooth fairy

This one is such a fun couples (or BFF!) idea. The tooth fairy is easy enough, with an all-white leotard, tutu and tights plus some wings and a wand. The tooth costume requires a little more DIY skill, but there’s a pretty straight–forward tutorial for it.

3. Bandits via Say Yes


This is a great last minute idea. All it takes is a black and white striped shirt, black pants, a beanie and a fun mask. Bonus points if you make $ totes to creep around with!

4. Fortune Teller via Cuddles and Chaos

Fortune Teller

I pulled this costume together in less than ten minutes from things I already owned. It requires a lot of layering (long skirt, flowy top, three scarves), piles of jewelry, and some dark makeup. It’s also helpful if you can master a really creepy facial expression.

5. Paper Doll via Brassy Apple

paper doll costume

I wish I could have talked my daughters into this one! It’s so fun and so stinking creative. You really only need some poster board. This particular tutorial uses fabric and spray adhesive, but I’ve seen others with details drawn on with Sharpie. There are so many things you could do!

6. Bag of Jelly Beans via One Good Thing by Jillee

bag of jelly beans

I don’t know about y