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10 Fresh Fall Denim Tips (And 5 Things You Didn’t Know)

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Denim. Is there anything more versatile? We think not. There are so many washes, cuts, styles, you name it —there’s a type of denim for every outfit under the sun. Sometimes the endless options can become overwhelming, which is where our 10 tips come into play. Lindsay, our in-house style expert, surveyed our favorite bloggers to see what they’ve been sporting on Instagram, and found a few fun facts about our favorite material.


1. Does your office allow jeans? If so, stick with darker washes for a more formal look. You should also probably avoid ripped or distressed denim, unless you work in a creative industry. We suggest 7 For All Mankind as a go-to brand.

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 4.26.59 PM.png

Janssen of Everyday Reading looking work appropriate in medium-dark wash jeans.

2. Jeans were made for working and sometimes they look better with age. Don’t be afraid to garden in an old pair of jeans or get some painting done. Paint splatters and natural rips are stylish reminders of the life you live in your denim.


3. Petite? High-waisted denim can make your legs look longer, which can make you look taller. Secondhand AG jeans are a great place to start.


Karla Reed‘s legs go on forever in these high-waisted flares – for all we know she’s 6’5″!

4. Hourglass? Solid colors in skinny or slim-fit cuts will flaunt your curves.Try J Brand for this style.

@ashleighsutlive 9-X3.jpg

Ashleigh Sutlive knows just the cut and color for her shape and size.

5. Dark washes are flattering on every body type.

@belledecouture 2.jpg

Even if your office allows denim of all kind (see tip #1), dark wash is always a slam dunk. Jennifer of Belle De Couture = case in point.

6. Bell bottoms or flare jeans are flattering if you’re a bit self-conscious about your thighs (there’s never any reason to be, but some of us are anyway).


Aisha Zaza making us want to wear flares all day, every day

7. Take lighter wash jeans from day to night with a sleek jacket and a bold lip color. Cuffing your jeans and adding heels also helps transition the look. Gap always offers great picks for light-wash denim.

ThredUp_AB-0540 copy-X3.jpg

Our Art Director Chrissi knows exactly how to transition jeans from day to night, so we’re taking notes from her.

8. Fact: everyone can look great in boyfriend jeans. Doubtful about the look? Try wearing them with a more feminine top or T-shirt and a pair of heels.


Cassie Garcia pairs her boyfriend jeans with the most feminine of shoes for a perfectly balanced look.

9. We love mom jeans. What are “mom jeans” you ask? Typically, they are a thicker denim fabric, making them more durable than a thinner, more stretchy fabric. They also have a higher rise,  which is great for emphasizing your waist. Lastly, mom jeans normally have big back pockets that help flatter your bum. They’re also totally back in style. #TrustUs.

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 4.20.25 PM.png

This is Madeline from Marketing’s mom, and we can’t get over how great her (mom)jeans look.

10. Denim-on-denim is totally in, and you can definitely pull it off. The trick is to pair together items of different washes. For example, we love dark wash on bottom and light wash on top. A little fray is a great accent.

Playbook 24-X2.jpg

Lindsay, our style expert, rocking a denim-on-denim look with a bit of fray to top it off.

5 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know:

  • Not washing your jeans too much also saves A LOT of water. The average pair of jeans uses around 3,500 liters of water, and that’s only after two years of washing once a week. Not washing your denim sounds scary but they’re made to withstand natural elements, and a little dirt even gives them character.
  • When you do wash your denim, just make sure they’re turned inside out and the water is as cold as possible, which will keep them from fading. If you have some extra time, try washing them by hand.
  • Don’t waste your time dry cleaning your jeans. The chemicals are bad for your denim in the long run. Also, remember to never, ever use bleach. It can mess with the color and deteriorate the fabric.
  • The first pair of women’s jeans were made in 1934. Before that, only men wore jeans. Too bad they didn’t get to experiment with all of the different types of denim like we do today.
  • And finally:


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Tell us in the comments, what denim trend or look are you loving these days?