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10 Halloween Activities that Don’t Involve Begging for Candy

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Sometimes thinking of things to do on Halloween is the scariest part of the holiday. If you don’t have kids and you’re tempted to borrow someone else’s just so you can go trick or treating, or you do have kids and you’re not into collecting piles of sugar, don’t worry! There are plenty of fun and spooky games, crafts, trivia, cocktails, stories, and so much more to get you through the night in true haunted fashion.

Go to a Local Halloween Event


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Search your local paper or hop onto your Nextdoor app to find happenings in your area. Look for local parades, Halloween events for kids, block parties, concerts, and haunted houses. Nextdoor usually has a map of the best trick or treating neighborhoods if you do decide to venture out there.

Visit a Themed Neighborhood


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Some streets in family-centric neighborhoods go all out with elaborate themed set-ups that you can visit without knocking on doors for candy. Kids optional.

Watch Spooky Movies

If you’re going to be home passing out candy anyway, you might as well enjoy a horror flick or two. If you’re with the kiddos, check out Common Sense Media to check ratings and recommendations. Some classics for grown-ups: The Shining, Psycho, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Babadook, Scream, The Blair Witch Project. Some ideas for the littles: Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Haunted Mansion.

Stroll Through a Cemetery

There’s nothing like spooking yourself out on Halloween by visiting a local cemetery. Go online to find the most historical spots in your town. If you’re going at night, be sure to bring flashlights or LEDs.

Make Halloween Crafts


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This one’s a given. We showed some repurposed craft ideas on wakeUP with Madeline that you can check out here. They’re super easy and are great Halloween activities for toddlers. Ghost lanterns, painted rocks, candy corn vases, and more!

Plan a Murder Mystery Dinner


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This is a grown-up dinner but if you have little ones, do the movie trick and house them all in one room of the house while you participate. Check out Murder Mystery Parties for ideas on how to host. Everyone comes in costume and in character, and it’s awesome.

Throw a Trick-or-Treat Party


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Halloween is usually centered around the kids but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re stuck at the house all night giving out candy, set up a station outside with a sports game on or a movie. Maybe hand out cocktails and treats to the grown-ups as they accompany their kids on a candy adventure. Win most popular house to trick or treat at.

Bake Spooky Treats

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See tip above and give out your spooky treats to all your trick-or-treat guests. Some of our favorite recipes: caramel apples, candy corn-shaped marshmallow treats, meringue bone cookies, and spider bark.

Host a Halloween Trivia Night

Host a Halloween trivia night and see who know their witches from goblins. Quick fun facts: One the earliest forms of trick-or-treating involved dancing for a treat. Jack-o’-lanterns used to be made from turnips, beets, and potatoes (not pumpkins). Halloween is known by five other names. Know what they are?

Make Scary Insta Stories (Blair Witch Style)

If you’re an Instagram regular, this is a good one! Take turns with your friends and family doing Blair Witch style confessions and post them on Insta stories for a frightful night of fun.

What are your plans for Halloween night? We want to hear! Tell us in the comments below!