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10 Last Minute Tips For A More Joyful Holiday Season

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The final countdown to the holidays is truly here. December 19th is the last day to place an order on thredUP for Christmas delivery if you’re still hustling to find a New With Tags gift or a New Year’s Eve dress! Hopefully, most of your shopping is done, and your travel plans are made. The stockings may be hung with care, but that doesn’t mean you’re not stressed about the busy upcoming days. Read on for our favorite tips for de-stressing and getting the most of the holidays:

  1. Focus on the small joys. This season has the potential for some seriously stressful stuff to happen, and for big life changes! But there are so many simple, wholesome joys we can look forward to each and every year. The smell of peppermint and mulling spices. Special holiday editions of our favorite herbal tea. Twinkling lights!
  2. Watch your favorite holiday movie. Make it happen! Even if you’re getting caught up in the hustle and bustle, take time to treat yourself to your favorite movie, not your Uncle Joe’s, or your husband’s. Yours. Even if that means watching it alone in your room with a big glass of wine! Treat yourself.
  3. Eat two helpings of dessert. ‘Tis the season!
  4. Give the perfect (last minute) gift. Let’s say you find out at the last minute that your cousin’s fiancée will be coming for the holidays, and you haven’t gotten her a gift. Let’s say it’s Christmas Eve. Take a deep breath, you got this. Focus on getting her something everyone loves, and giving that gift a personal and thoughtful touch. Grocery and drug stores usually carry a wide variety of gift cards for restaurants and stores. Go for a safe bet big box store that sells everything. Then pick out a card you’d think she’d like and write a short, heartfelt note inside instead of just signing it. Finally, wrap the gift card, even though it’s small.
  5. Meditate for five minutes. Try the app Headspace.
  6. Make a crowd-pleasing snack. Got a big hungry crowd and an hour or so before dinner’s ready? Two word: Fancy popcorn. Pop a bunch of popcorn and top it with one of the he following combos for a trendy and delicious snack that will practically fly out of the bowl:
    • -Grated parmesan, salt, pepper
    • -Melter butter, nutritional yeast
    • -Truffle oil, salt
    • -Combine equal parts  butter and a hot sauce like Frank’s, microwave
    • -Mix with melted butter and M&Ms
  7. Take time to work out. You will feel so much better, even if you squeeze in just 20 minutes of cardio.
  8. Buy yourself a tiny gift. During a last-minute errand, buy yourself a small token, like a new lipstick. During this season, you might be giving a lot, don’t forget to treat yourself!
  9. Blast your favorite music. Your house, your music. Make sure to squeeze in your favorite holiday album.
  10. Write down three things you’re grateful for.

Tell us in the comments section: What’s your favorite quirky holiday tradition?
Happy Holidays from the thredUP team!