Published on january 21, 2016

10 Style Resolutions (And Tips!) For 2016 From Fashion Experts

written by Team thredUP

Old News Alert: January is the month of resolutions. Maybe you’re trying to eat less sugar, hit the gym more often, or are starting your day off with a green smoothie. Those are all 100% valid, but a huge part of feeling good in a new year is what you wear. Enter style resolutions. We asked some of our favorite fashion bloggers what their 2016 fashion resolutions are – read on for tips, tricks and musings that will save you money, get your closet in tip-top shape, and help your #ootds become a bit more insta-worthy.


1. Carrie from Carrie Elle: “Buy some clothing rack dividers and get to work with your Sharpies. I can’t even tell you much easier my mornings have become.”

2. Carrie also emphasizes the importance of taking “EVERYTHING” out of your closet before organizing and purging. #keytosuccess


2. Christina from Tales From The Thrift: “Get more color in my wardrobe!” See romper above. Check!

4. Rebecca from Mommy In Heels: “I want to purchase intentionally. But. And this is kind of a big but – I do like to try trendy pieces from time to time. With that in mind, I won’t spend spend a ton of money on trendy pieces.”

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 4.56.59 PM.png

5. Lauren from Bohemian By The Bay: “If it no longer fits, begone! (That one is easy, stop trying to keep clothing that doesn’t fit, even if it is supposed to be motivation to get in shape. The best clothes are the ones that fit, no matter what size.)”


6. Alli from Absolutely Alli: “Clean out my closet and add a couple staple pieces that are timeless and versatile. What is more timeless than a little black dress?”

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 4.58.54 PM.png

7. Tienlyn from Thoughtful Misfit: “Purchase quality designers and staple pieces you’ll keep for a lifetime. Don’t have the $$ to fill your wardrobe with designer duds? Most of us don’t, which is why I love sites like thredUp, where you can buy gently used designer beauties that are in excellent condition, for a fraction of the price. (Note my Céline turtleneck, which I scored for under $90.)”

8. Suzanne from Ask Suzanne Bell: “Buy and wear only what I love. To accomplish this goal, I must carefully choose what enters into my closet, as well as regularly purge what is no longer working for me.”


10. Stephanie from Sunkissed Steph: “Considering I can’t resist a good designer piece, buying it used is a much smarter investment— something I plan on doing a lot of this year.”

What are your style resolutions for the upcoming year? Comment or tweet at us, we’d love to share tips and chat!