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10 Things I Never Thought I’d Say

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Motherhood is many things. Sometimes it’s exhausting, sometimes it’s rewarding, and sometimes it’s downright hilarious. While February might be the month of love, a good chuckle is always welcome. Enter Jen Garry of Cuddles and Chaos, whose compilation of quotes will leave you smiling, giggling, and probably nodding along in agreement because you’ve said them – or at least thought them – more than once yourself. 

You’ve heard some of the things my kids have said. They’re pretty hilarious and out there and sometimes brutally honest. But one day, as I was giving my wild one a stern talking to for trying to put my iPhone into her Pull-Up before bed, I couldn’t help but laugh at myself. Hard. And I realized that it’s not just kids that say the darndest things. It’s parents too.











Jennifer Garry is a writer and the mom of two girls who talk as much and laugh as loud as she does (just ask her much quieter husband). She writes about that ever-elusive struggle for balance on her personal blog, Cuddles and Chaos.

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