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10 Things We Love With Our Morning Coffee

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If there’s one thing we can count on every single day, it’s that first cup of joe. Piping hot and instantly comforting, it’s our most enjoyable morning ritual. There’s nothing we love more than waking up to the smell, listening to it brew, and savoring that first sip. We are almost as obsessed with coffee as we are with fashion and style. So, coffee mug in hand, we’ve gathered some of our very favorite things that we cherish right alongside our daily brew.


Heath Ceramics Everyday Mug
You can’t go wrong with anything from this family-owned and operated (out of Sausalito, CA) ceramics studio. Think simple, design-driven tableware in classic, earthy tones.



Stanley Vacuum Bottle
There’s only one classic, and that’s Stanley. Vacuumed-insulated to keep coffee hot for 15 hours, we love its simple styling and ability to keep us going all workday long.



Simplify Camping Mug
Waking up to a fresh cup of coffee in the great outdoors is arguably one of the biggest perks of camping. Enjoying it in this mug is another.



Hario Hand Grinder
The perfect on-to-go grinder for travelers, but we use it at home too. The manual grinding process takes about 30 seconds—a nice reminder to slow down once in a while.



Aether Music Cone
What’s breakfast without your favorite tunes playing in the background? This cool-looking music cone sounds as good as it looks.



Lollaland Sippy Cups
You know, so your little ones don’t feel left out. They can join in on your morning ritual too, with some frothy milk in their very own coffee sippy cup.



Wooden Coffee Stirrers
Make Sunday brunch at your house even more special with these cool wooden stirrers we found on Etsy. Personalize them for an unexpected touch.



Jenny Pennywood Napkins
Up your tabletop game with quirky-cool printed tea towels and napkins from textile designer and fine artist Jen Garrido.

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Garance Dore To-Do List Pad
We love our phones/iPads/laptops as much as you do, but sometimes you just need a pen and a pad of paper to clear your head of all to-dos.


Alexander Wang Cozy Beanie
Okay heat wave, we’ve amped up our beanie collection and we’re fully ready to take on that first brisk fall day. If only…

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