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7 Clothing Care Tips to UP Your Clean Out Bag Acceptance Rate

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We’re a discerning bunch. Because of our high quality standards, we only accept 40% of items in the average Clean Out Bag. Want to UP your acceptance rate? Look no further! Follow these clothing care tips to help your Clean Out Bag ace our 12-point inspection.

Quality is Everything

Ask yourself. Would I give this to my best friend? Would she accept it and love it and wear it?

We accept items that are:
-Clean, freshly washed
-From a name brand
-On trend and less than 5 years old
-Free of tears, stains, and rips
-In excellent condition

7 Ways to Make Your Items Look as Good as New


  1. The #1 reason sweaters aren’t accepted by thredUP is because they’ve pilled. Pilling happens when extended wear creates small balls of fabric to bunch on the surface. The easiest way to clean those up? Gently shave them off with a razor.
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  2. Once you decide which items you want to sell, scan each one front and back with a lint roller to collect any excess dust, hair, or loose miscellany.
  3. If the items has minor spots, marks, or stains, give it the Tide stick test. If any of these eyesores persist, ask yourself how you would feel if the item was donated instead.

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  4. Iron or steam out any wrinkles or kinks…unless, of course, they’re supposed to be there.
  5. Give the item a final wash or drop it off at the dry cleaner’s to remove any dirt or pesky smells, like body odor, perfume, cigarette smoke, or closet scents.
  6. If it’s missing a button and has a small tear or two, use your needlework to give it that little bit of love that will make all the difference.
  7. Finally, fold your clothes. Give your quality clothes the care they deserve. First impressions are everything, after all.

Clothes ready to sell? We’ll take them off your hands.

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If you think any of your items might not pass our strict inspection, you can turn those clothes into cash for charities through our donation program. Order a FREE Donation Clean Out Bag to support families and education.

Instead of a payout, we’ll give $5 (per bag) on your behalf to a charity of your choice. We’ll also send you a donation tax receipt where you can declare the value of the items donated. 

Need help deciding what to sell, keep, or donate? The thredUP Closet Cleanser is your guide to learning when to let go.

Our main goal and priority at thredUP is to ensure that as many items as possible are given a second life and stay out of landfill. Used garments that don’t meet thredUP’s strict quality guidelines for resale are evaluated for inclusion in our Reject Rescue program. All remaining unaccepted items are reused or responsibly recycled.