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14 Sustainable Lifestyle Brands You Didn’t Know You Needed Till Now

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As you all know we are all about flaunting our thrift pride and influencing others to do the same with the intention of doing right by Mother Earth. We know that buying one used item reduces its carbon, waste, and water footprints by 82%, but shopping with a better future in mind doesn’t just end with fashion. There’s a myriad of simple things to incorporate into our daily lives. If you’re looking to be a little more well-rounded when it comes to sustainability, you’ll definitely want to get familiar with these brands that make eco-living oh so exciting! 

1. Grove Collaborative

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The Grove Collaborative makes cleaning products, but not just any cleaning products… By making products free of harmful ingredients, they not only serve to benefit you but they serve to benefit the earth too! They have a monthly subscription that can cater to literally any of your cleaning needs. The Grove Collective is 100% plastic neutral, supports reforestation with seedlings, and has carbon neutral shipments and facilities. From home, personal care, kiddies and doggies you can have safe and healthy products at your disposal. Score!

2. Good Juju Herbal

Good JuJu Herbal uses ingredients that are 100% natural and that are 100% handmade so you can feel confident knowing your skin is only getting the best of the best! They even make products that are meant to treat skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. For acne prone skin follow their step-by-step guide of their products for the best results. Plus don’t fret about having sensitive skin, try any of their blue label soaps for a good unscented clean with gentle exfoliants that will leave your skin feeling amazingly supple. 

3. Sea Witch Botanicals 

Sea Witch Botanicals makes products with the intention to keep our waterways free of toxins. Literally all the skincare, home cleaning, incense, and candles you could ever need without harming Mother Nature! Their wide range of products make it super easy to veganUP your life in tons of ways (even if you’re not vegan!). Also their sets make the perfect gift for the skincare connoisseur in your life.

4. Imperfect Foods

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Healthy food, of our choosing, arriving straight to our door? Yeah, we’re here for it. Imperfect Foods strives to eliminate food waste by accepting fruits and vegetables that are rejected for not meeting produce beauty standards, bleh. These perfectly cookable foods get to find a new home right in your kitchen, then right to your belly. So far they have saved 139 million pounds of food from being wasted, donated 5.7 million pounds of food, AND recycled over 300,000 boxes. Could they be more perfect? 

5. Domain by Laura Hodges 

Looking for a one-stop sustainable shop? Look no further because Domain by Laura Hodges has everything you need! From home decor that adds the perfect touch to any home, skin care products that make your skin smooth, to the perfect statement earrings to spice up any outfit, it’s all there! Did we mention everything is fair trade too? Just a heads up, the Good Fortune Textured Silver earrings call for an instant-add-to cart sitch. 

6. Hortiki Plants

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Have your plant mommy senses been tingling? Get everything you need to begin your plant mom life the right way with Hortiki Plants. Horitki Plants provide eco-friendly edible gardening kits to new & not-new-to-this plant moms. Live your best plant life and follow the guides to grow your own melons, root veggies, tea leaves, and even grass for your pets to name a few! It’s a fantastic gift for fellow plant lovers or if you just want to add to your collection, that’s okay too!

7. Public Goods 

Does your cat need more food? Got the sudden urge to bake a cake? Or replace your bathroom towels? Yeah pretty much everything you go to the grocery store for can be found at Public Goods, really. They make it very simple to consume the way you’re used to while providing you with more healthy and sustainable options that are more accessible than ever, have amazing quality, are affordable and great for the planet. For a small annual fee, you can even get discounts on your frequently purchased goods! Bonus: their minimal packaging will literally look good wherever a Public Goods product lives in your house. 

8. Nanushka

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Nanushka is a sustainable clothing brand that continues to be mindful of it’s ecological footprint and works to constantly improve their processes. They make super chic satin and vegan leather fashion staples that are just begging to be in your closet. By partnering with Eon’s Circular ID they are giving all of their Resort 2021 garments a digital identity that not only gives customers tips for keeping the items in the circular economy but also allows the journey of the garment to be followed by it’s owner. Soo very cool! 

9. EcoRoots 

EcoRoots have alllll of the products you need to create even better sustainable habits for your life. From their bamboo toothbrushes, to their zero waste deodorant and their cruelty-free candles, you name it and they have it seriously. All of the products are in super fun colors, packaging and patterns that get you excited to go green in ways you never thought were possible!

10. Pela Cases 

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How is it that the world’s first compostable phone case is also the world’s most stylish phone case?? The rumors are true, Pela Cases are in fact the first compostable phone case! With more than 1 billion plastic phone cases being made every year, just imagine the endless tons of plastic that come along with it to just end up in landfills, super cringe-worthy. Deck out all of your devices AND do good for the planet with a phone case that is made out of recycled materials and join in the fight for a waste free future! 

11. Kiwi Eco Shop

Most hear ‘zero waste’ and assume it’s on the more challenging side of the eco-friendly life, but two very cool sisters created Kiwi Eco Shop to help you navigate life more sustainably and make it easy peasy to start living a zero waste lifestyle of your own. Their eco-kits are perfect for jumping right in or you can get individual products like their stainless steel straws or reusable food storage bags to name a few.

12. EcoTools

Mindful makeup brushes?! We’re in. Not only are EcoTools made with recycled materials, vegan-friendly and affordable BUT they make tools for every single one of your beauty, skincare, hair care and cosmetics needs! We love that they are giving us waste to wildflowers with their seeded packaging, so you can grow beautiful wildflowers instead of contributing to waste. Brilliant! Also you can extend the life of your tools by purchasing their replacement brush heads, we loveee convenience. 

13. Guppyfriend 


Protect your clothes the right way by adding a Guppy Friend Washing Bag to your wash routine. It extends the life of your clothing (rejoice!) by protecting the fibers from the unnecessary wear and shedding that naturally occurs during a wash cycle. They also help to fight against microplastic pollution! What is that, you ask? Microplastics are tiny, tiny plastics that are increasingly encroaching on the livelihood of marine life and even our food! And they all stem from our very own washing machines. There’s no friend like a GuppyFriend!

14. Blueland

Blueland is a great go-to for allll things cleaning products and laundry soaps. Don’t worry if you’re new to this, they have starter kits (among so many types of cleaning kits) to get you going on your sustainability cleaning journey. Can you believe that 20 ounces of product can be condensed into one nickel-sized tablet? Yeah, neither can we. These very potent tablets get the job DONE, but with safe ingredients. The best part is you can find them for dishwashers, laundry, and even hand soap. The sad truth is a large majority of plastic ends up in the ocean, so choosing Blueland is a huge step in the right direction!

Have favorite eco-brands of your own? Let us know in the comments below.