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17 Fashion Do’s and Tricks for 2017

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The new year is upon us! As you head out of the holiday season and back to the grind, you’re probably contemplating cleaning out your closet of the unworn and giving your wardrobe a refresh. Here are some of our favorite trends (some more daring than others) we’re giving a whirl in 2017. The good news? Fashion is cyclical – no need to buy these trends new and put a huge dent in your bank account.

Resolve to stretch your fashion legs with these fashion do’s:

1. Mid-Height Block Heels: Not too high and not too skinny, block heels are endlessly walkable and look amazing with everything.

2. All Denim Everything: This has been a thing for a few years now, and we’re happy to report that it’s not going anywhere. Grab yourself a chambray button down or a rugged denim jacket. A denim pencil skirt or even overalls will also serve you well this year.

3. Patent Leather: Shiny! Eye-catching! Oh-so-easy to clean. Opt for patent leather boots, flats, or a handbag.

4. The Perfect Pair Of Jeans: News flash, jeans are in style now and always will be. This year, try a new silhouette! Skinny jeans are loosening up around the ankle a bit so search for straight looks. Medium washes are also having a moment, while dark wash jeans will never go out of style, and are the most flattering wash.

5. Pantone Color Of The Year: The Pantone color for 2017 is lovely, fresh green called Greenery. Try a green handbag or a sweater – this color looks great on most people.

6. Turtlenecks: Turtlenecks get a bad rap sometimes, but they can be super flattering, and we know how warm they are when it’s chilly outside. Try wearing a ribbed turtleneck  with your hair tucked in — a fake bob is always fun!

7. A Timeless Handbag: A structured leather handbag in a timeless shape is must-have any year. Think about hunting for one in a crossbody size or looking for a larger tote that fits both gym clothes and work stuff. Leather’s always a good idea, but don’t pass up unexpected colors, quilted touches, and sturdy suede!

8. Shirtdresses: What’s a shirtdress? Think of a button-down extended and nipped in at the waist. It’s such a cool look because it’s a nod at menswear in a decidedly feminine silhouette.

9. Chunky SweatersChunky, thick sweaters are having a moment, which is good news for those of us that run on the colder side. Try pairing a chunky knit with high-waisted, tight jeans and boots with a bit of a heel to keep the look flattering.

10. Shoulder Cut Outs: This has been trend for a bit now, and it’s going strong. We love this look, before it’s acknowledges just how sexy shoulders can be! Go for a long-sleeved top with cut outs to let your shoulders peek out.

11. Ankle Boots: Boots are the winter shoe. Booties and ankle boots are the best to wear with jeans. But while we’re at it, we love riding boots, too. Boots! You need ’em.

12. Embroidery: Embroidered details are a textural and colorful detail that we’re seeing all over the runways and in street style snaps as of late. Opt for a embroidered denim jacket if you can snag one, but really, we love this pretty trend on everything!

13. Slip-On Sneakers: The ultimate footwear for comfort and ease – you don’t even have to lace them up! Slip-on sneaks look sleek with just about anything, from maxi dresses to jeans and a tee, and they can transition from the office to happy hour and beyond. We’re partial to ones with a platform that give a little extra height.

14. Boatneck sweaters: Just to reiterate, sweaters are a must, and they all have their merits. Another style we’re loving is boatneck; it’s elegant and cozy all at once. Opt for a striped number to keep with the nautical vibe.

15. Backpacks: Simultaneously trendy and utilitarian, backpacks are the perfect vessel for a city-slicking gal. You can’t go wrong with a monochrome backpack, and you won’t tire one shoulder out before the other (*PHEW*).

16. Striped tees: Playful and street-style-cool, a striped tee will go with anything. Pair one with some boyfriend jeans and those slip-on sneaks we discussed above for a weekend outing. A striped t-shirt dress is also a fun direction to go in.

17. Athleisure: We’re pretty pumped that sporty-casual wear is in style. First of all, it will help lead us towards those 2017 #goals. Second of all, it’s just so comfy. Athleisure is anything from structured sweats to Adidas sneaks to crewneck pullovers. And we have a lot of it.


What trend have you spotted for 2017? Which are you most excited about?