Published on january 1, 2019

thredUP 2018 Style Report: Year in Thrift

written by Team thredUP


Thrifters are smart, fun, and super savvy. Did we mention smart? Kinda sounds like YOU.

Thank you for being on this journey with us to inspire a new generation to think secondhand first. Did you know? We upcycled and extended the life of 20 MILLION items together in 2018. 20 MILLION. That’s a lot! Our planet thanks you. Now let’s get 2019 off to a super-thrifty start. Thrift does come from the word “thrive” after all…

This year, we introduced a few new things to UP your thrifting experience and make it even easier (and more fun!) to choose used. If you haven’t discovered them yet, check them out in 2019! Goody Boxes (our personal styling service), Bundling (shop all week, ship at the end), Affirm (thrift now, pay later), Remade (thredUP’s exclusive label with a 40% Buyback Guarantee), Rescues (a mystery box full of treasures), price-drop notifications, and so much more.

“I just think we live in a world now where we really value our dollar and want to get the most out of it and so if we can reuse and recycle, we’re going to go for that, before we buy brand new.” – Ashley Bruce, Store Manager of Gordmans and thredUP’s in-house pop-up shop

2018 WOW Stats


How much our top thrifter saved in one year
(That’s a lot of lattes, just sayin’.)

Average cable bill $150 = 3100 cable bills
Average latte $3.50  $132K lattes
Average grocery run $200 = 2320 grocery runs

Best-Loved Brands

Are their favorites your favorites?


brand2-madewell   brand3-jcrew

Check out the top brands and fashion trends by state right here.



Most Popular Categories

Wanna know what everyone was wearing last year?



Top Colors

Which ones are you feeling for 2019?


Happy, cheerful, optimistic. Queen of the craft circle.


Respectful, loyal, adventurous. Would rather be barefoot on a beach.



Social, engaging, energetic. Never short on weekend plans.


Bold, ambitious, passionate. Always has a checklist going.


Compassionate, feminine, oh-so-chill. Never not drinking rose.


Reliable, comfortable, direct. Always says what’s on your mind.


Social, secure, successful. Makes budgeting look easy.


Sensitive, compassionate, free spirit. Never not daydreaming.


Powerful, mysterious, independent. Currently crushing it.


Peaceful, positive, understanding. Starts every day in lotus pose.


There you have it!! 2018 rocked. Let’s make 2019 even more amazing. Are you in? Tell us your thrifty resolutions for the New Year in the comments below!