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Spring Uniform Dressing: Get Ready in 30 Seconds or Less

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Need more time in the a.m. to perfect your pour-over coffee? Here’s the deal. It’s called uniform dressing. It’s the kind of outfit you don’t have to think about because you know it’s going to look good every time you wear it. The jeans + blouse + heels combo is a thredUP favorite. In fact, we spy at least one of the girls on our team rocking it every single day.  Here, thredUP creatives Hilary, Allison, and Lindsay share their favorite way to wear the look.

Boyfriend Jeans and Heels Outfit

Hilary wears a Faithfull the Brand white blouse, raw hem Levi’s 501s, and J.Crew Suede Heels.

“Uniform dressing doesn’t have to be dull, you just need to keep things simple and streamlined. I stick to the jeans + heels + blouse combo because it makes choosing outfits simple without creating too much monotony in my day-to-day dressing. It might not be reinventing the wheel, but it’s a go-to for a reason. It works every time.

Today’s look is one of my favorite ways to wear this combo. I went for a slightly more casual spin with a pair of Levi’s with a raw hem. I love the contrast between the crisp white blouse, simple heels, and the effortlessly casual vibe of the raw hem jeans. It’s all about the high-low mix. Throw on a little lipstick, and it’s a look that transitions seamlessly from day to night.”

Boho Blouse + Light Jeans Outfit

Allison wears a Doen blouse, Stella McCartney flare jeans, and Steve Madden leopard print heels.

“I’m a huge fan of uniform dressing. Trying to get of the house and get my daughter ready for school is a feat alone without having to worry about what I’m going to wear to work. I have a mini capsule wardrobe that consists of many pairs of used Levi’s 501s and flowy blouses.

I love these boho-y blouses from Doen. They are the perfect length to tuck in and the loose fit keeps me feeling light and comfy all day. It feels like a T-shirt but looks so much more put together. Today, I paired this toffee color with my favorite pair of light wash flares from Stella McCartney. The high-waist just begs for a tucked-in shirt. As for the shoes, admittedly, I don’t always wear heels to the office but I like the extra lift and polish it lends. Especially with a pair of extra-long flares!”

Statement Blouse and Skinnies Outfit

Lindsay wears a J.Crew blouse, ASOS jeans, Banana Republic heels.

“Dressing for work each day can be a total chore. I never leave myself enough time to really find myself an inspired outfit. Investing in a few keys pieces  that are versatile has made it a lot easier. I have a few classic blouses, some nicely cut jeans and comfy but stylish heels. I know any mix of those will always look polished and make me feel good.

I love wearing a little color to work, it definitely brightens up my day. My blouse is from J. Crew, it’s simple but the bright blue color and lace trim really makes it stand out. My jeans are ASOS. I love how they’re a little bit destructed, it makes the outfit a bit more casual and young. I finished off the outfit with heels from Banana Republic. Heels make everything a little more polished, and I love that the heels aren’t too high on these so I don’t have to change shoes for my commute.”

What’s your go-to work uniform? Tell us in the comments below!