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Athletic Brands That Will Make Your Bod (And Your Wallet!) Happy

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Let’s be honest. Half of our motivation for working out comes from the excitement of getting to shimmy into our favorite exercise clothes and seamlessly transition from gym to post-workout coffee shop/juice bar/anywhere in our sleek leggings and colorful tanks. Gym-wear and athleisure in general get a bad rep for being a little on the pricey side, but lucky for you, we’re well-stocked with athletic clothes that you can score (pun intended) secondhand for a fraction of their retail prices. Check out the following five workout brands for women’s activewear that won’t quit on your gym goals or your saving goals.



Try Lululemon’s leggings in an unconventional color like army green.

Lululemon Athletica’s workout outfits are chic, sturdy, and universally recognized for their excellent quality. They specialize in yoga gear, but have a range of clothes suited for any kind of workout, even if that workout is just a walk to the grocery store. Their famous leggings are ridiculously flattering and work just as well in the pilates studio as they do out to brunch or on the couch (don’t worry, we’ve all been there). Snag a few pairs of women’s workout pants and/or capris in black with fun pops of color at the waistband for versatile, high quality activewear that won’t let you down.



Take your Nike look from the gym to the street without thinking twice.

Who can resist the classic Nike swoosh? Nike has long been top dog in the world of gym clothes, especially for professional athletes, and their designs are still as stylish and functional as ever. If your summer plans and fitness goals include training for a half-marathon or a 10k, Nike is the perfect place to start picking up running clothes. Plus, their track jackets and sports bras are more than cute enough to wear off the track or treadmill, too.



Soft pink is for badass athletes too!

Adidas is synonymous with “trendy athletic street style,” and for good reason! Their simple yet graphically bold stripe motif is a standout addition to any workout getup. When it comes to browsing adidas, keep an eye out for their irresistible women’s athletic shoes that can take you seamlessly from a morning workout to an urban night out with friends.

Under Armour


Don’t be afraid to take your workout gear into the great outdoors!

True to their name, Under Armour is the real deal, and a great brand for stocking up on spandex and sports bras. They’ve also got a sweet selection of totally affordable and super cute track jackets, vests, and active t-shirts. Look for dark bottoms to mix and match with eye-catching, colorful tops made in their signature sweat-wicking fabrics.


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Puma is a low key hero when it comes to women’s workout tops that can be worn during intense exercise but look just as good with styled with jeans or even jean shorts for a fun, laid back, sporty look. Browse their active tanks for the ideal patterned top to wear while gettin’ your sweat on during hot summer months!

What gets you up and moving? Spill your fitness secrets in the comments!