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5 Awesome Parenting Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

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Browsing through thousands of parenting apps and reading reviews can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together a list of clever and fun apps created with busy parents in mind. Read on for some of our favorite apps to make parenting a little bit easier.

1. Cakewalk


Ever have those moments when you’re all out of play time ideas? Cakewalk has got your back. This app was designed to give you easy and creative activity ideas for your kids. Best of all, every activity can be done without leaving your home and doesn’t require a trip to the store. (Free – Available for iPhone and iPad)

2. MamaBear

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MamaBear is self-described as an “all-in-one worry-free parenting app,” and it really does live up to its name. It not only tracks when your kids leave the neighborhood, but also alerts you when they’re tagged in photos on Facebook and Instagram. You can also be alerted to bad language or signs of bullying on their social networks. It’s also very useful if you have newly-licenses kids since is can notify you if they’re speeding. (Free – Available for iPhone and Android)

3. Sleepasaurus

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Is bedtime a struggle? Let your tot choose a sleeping buddy with Sleepasaurus. The app trains your little one to fall asleep on time and teaches them to go back to bed if they’re an early riser. First, your child gets to choose a baby dinosaur and sprinkle sleeping dust on it. The app then doubles as a nightlight and also plays music to help them fall asleep. Their dino-buddy lets them know when it’s okay to wake up by roaring when touched. ($1.99 – Available for iPhone and iPad)

4. Baby Timer

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Can’t remember the last time you changed her diaper? There’s an app for that. This app helps you keep track of nursing sessions, naptimes, baby weight, diaper changes and more. ($4.99 – Available for iPad, iPhone)

5. Redrover

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Redrover is especially helpful if you’re a new parent or have recently moved to a new city. It helps you meet parents in your neighborhood to set up playdates, and also helps you find kid-friendly restaurants, museums and more in your area. (Free – Available for iPhone and iPad)

Do you have any parenting apps that you would recommend? Let us know in the comments.