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5 Clean Out Pros Take On Their Closets

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The time to switch out heavy winter clothes for lightweight summer styles is finally here, have you started the transition? It’s a great opportunity to take a good, hard look at your closet and pick out what needs to go! We kicked off our Clean Out series last Friday by asking our best sellers about their trade secrets to clearing out their closets and selling used clothes online. Today, we’re going to go behind the scenes and see how 5 amazing YouTubers use our Clean Out kits to refresh their closets just in time for summer! Watch out for some super helpful tips that will help you clean out your wardrobe while doing a little bit of good too.

1. Marissa is a Mommy

Marissa’s vlogs cover everything from being an amazing mom to two equally amazing kids, to creative DIY projects, recipes, hauls, and more! Between nursing school and being an all-round busy mom, Marissa has been putting off purging her closet, especially since selling her clothes online is kind of a hassle… until now. Watch her closet cleanout! 

Marissa’s tip: “I have this attachment to my clothes, like I don’t want to get rid of it because I might wear it someday, but then it’ll just sit in my closet for years. I recommend getting rid of stuff you haven’t worn in six months, like the stuff I bought for when I was pregnant, clothes I wore once or twice, and things that I bought but never wore because they didn’t fit!”

2. Samantha of The Maltbie Bunch

A mom of three and the co-pilot of a daily vlog all about her family, Samantha has accumulated a lot of clothes in a lot of different sizes. She’s excited to finally declutter her closet, sell her barely-worn clothes online (instead of tossing them), and actually get new clothes that fit with the extra cash.

Samantha’s tip: “thredUP actually has a Payout Estimator on their website so you can go on there, figure out the value of all the clothes that you’re sending in, and you’re good to go!”

3. Gabriella Fortunato

A makeup artist and body-positive enthusiast, Gabriella Fortunate has a passion for beauty and plus-size fashion. With every change of the seasons, Gabriella sets out to change out her closet to suit warmer/colder weather. For her, it’s a great time to do a pulse check and see if there are any clothes that haven’t been getting much attention and might be ready for a new home. A lot of the new clothes she bought online, tried and didn’t like but failed to return have been sitting in her closet for months, and now it’s time to say goodbye!

Gabriella’s tip: “What’s really cool is that thredUP now has a really high demand for plus-size clothing, maternity clothing, and jewelry, and more seasonal items. So anything from last summer, that you don’t want to wear this summer… I guarantee you that there’ll be high demand for it!”

4. Kilee Rainbow

Mother of two, Kilee posts daily vlogs about her life and parenting. A self-prescribed shopaholic, Kilee has a lot of stuff sitting in her closet unused. Being a busy mom, she doesn’t have time to take her clothes to the thrift store or even sell her used clothes online herself. That’s why we tapped her to try out our Clean Out kit!

Kilee’s tip: “You do only get a percentage for what an item is worth, so the higher the listing price of the item, the bigger cut you get. For me however, thredUP is just about convenience and simplicity. If I kept these things I would probably just donate them to the thrift store which means I would get nothing.”

5. Jessica of The Mommy Archives

The Mommy Archives is a platform for all things motherhood, natural living, happy homemaking, and intentional living. Jessica is a mom of two girls and loves sharing all the little tips that makes her life as a busy mom a little easier, including spring cleaning as she switches out her winter clothes to summer styles.

Jessica’s tip: “I would definitely recommend the standard bag if you’re just trying to sell. But if you really just want to get your return, then maybe shoot for the expedited… Their payout is pretty comparable to what you would get a consignment store without having to GO to a consignment store. It just makes it so much easier, it’s less hassle, you don’t have to worry about anything. I’m all about that life!”