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5 DIY Kids’ Halloween Costumes Using a Cardboard Box

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If you’re anything like us, you’re probably wondering what to do with all those cardboard boxes you unintentionally collect – or intentionally collect, because you just LOVE how cute thredUP’s boxes are. (Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink.)

Anyway, we have an idea! Make an original, one-of-a-kind Halloween costume for your kid this year (win all the contests PLUS save tons of money and resources). The planet will thank you, and so will your kiddo, hopefully.

Check out our roundUP below of kids’ costumes you can easily make out of a cardboard box. And if you feel like a #lazymom when it comes to your own costume, don’t worry! We have seven all black costumes that you can make in about 30 seconds. Thrift on!

Robot Costume


Photo credit: thredUP

What you need:
1 medium-size box
1 small-size box

For the medium box:
1. Cut two holes towards the top on each side for the arms
2. Cut one hole at the top to fit your child’s head
3. Cut out the bottom for your child’s body.

For the smaller box:
1. Cut one hole in the bottom large enough for your child’s head to go in comfortably.
2. Cut out a square in the front for your child to see.
3. Paint the box, and add any embellishments. Get creative!


Avocado Toast Costume

avocado toast

Photo Credit: Brit+Co

What you need:
2 medium-size boxes
Tan-colored duck tape

1. Cut two thredUP boxes flat into two same size squares large enough to fit your child’s body from shoulder to knee.
2. Spray paint them white.
3. Add tan-colored duck tape around the edges for the crust.
4. Fashion green tissue paper into 5 various-sized avocado slices and attach them to the front.
5. Fasten duct tape straps to the top of the toast so it can rest on your child’s shoulders.
6. Good props for pics: a bottle of salt and Sriracha.


Instagram Post with Funny Caption


Photo Credit: Thirty Handmade Days

What you need:
1 medium-size box
Blue duck tape or spray paint

1. Cut a medium-sized thredUP box into a square larger enough to frame your child from head to the middle of their chest.
2. Cut out the inside so only the frame remains. Leave additional room at the top for the Instagram logo and your Instagram handle and at the bottom for a clever caption and funny comments.


Fidget Spinner Costume

fidget spinner

Photo Credit: Hello, Wonderful 

What you need:
1 small or medium-size box
1 can of metallic spray paint

1. Cut a medium size box flat.
2. Spray paint it your desired color.
3. Cut into the shape of a fidget spinner.
4. Cut three holes on three sides.
5. Cut an additional hole out of your flat box and attach it to the center.
6. Attach the fidget spinner to a white or black T-shirt using a glue gun.
7. Dress your child in the T-shirt and matching black or white pants.


Lego Piece Costume


Photo Credit: Baby Rabies

What you need:
1 medium-size box
1 small-size box
! can of spray paint in red, blue, or yellow
Spray paint a small and medium size thredUP box in red, blue, or yellow

For the body:
1. Cut two holes in the medium box towards the top of each side for the arms. 
2. Cut out one hole at the top to fit your child’s head.
3. Cut out the and bottom for your child’s body.

For the hat:
1. Cut one hole in the bottom of the smaller box large enough to sit on top of your child’s head comfortably.
2. Cut eight painted solo cups in half and attach six to the front of the medium box and two to the top of the small box.
3. Dress your child in a matching colored long-sleeve shirt and black tights or leggings.


Crayon Costume


Photo Credit: The House That Lars Built

What you need:
1 medium-size box
1 can of spray paint in your child’s favorite color
1 roll of duck tape
1 birthday hat

For the body:
1. Cut your box so it’s completely flat and roll it up tight like a sushi roll.
2. Spray paint the box and strips of duck tape with whatever color you want your crayon to be (we suggest teal!).
3. Secure the box around your child with a long strip of painted duck tape.
4. Cut two additional strips of painted duck tape to attach the box to your child.
5. Dress your child head to toe in the color of your crayon.

For the cone hat:
1. Spray paint a birthday hat with your color of choice.