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5 Easy Ways to Create Your Dream Closet

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Let’s face it. While most of us dream of a Pinterest worthy walk-in closet with a chandelier and shelves stocked with Louboutins, that dream is far from reality. The good news is that even with a small closet, creating a well organized and eye-catching space for your wardrobe is easier than you might think. We’ve scoured the DIY realm for you and collected the best ideas to create a budget friendly version of your dream closet. Check out these 5 easy steps to get you on the road to wardrobe heaven!

1. Purge

The first step to a well organized closet is to get rid of anything you don’t wear anymore. Haven’t worn that dress or those boots in the last year? It’s probably time to part ways with them. Donate them to your local charity or order a cleanout bag from us!

2. Get Creative

Make the most of the space you have. Pullout shelves, baskets, even ladders are a great way to add additional storage room. And be sure to display your favorite pieces upfront. You didn’t buy those Valentino pumps so they could hide under your clothes.. display them proudly! Don’t forget about your jewelry since you can use your necklaces as a part of the decor. Hang them strategically on your walls or place them inside clear mason jars for nice sparkle on one of the shelves.

3. On the Racks

Use wooden hangers. They look much prettier than the ones you’ve stocked up from the dry cleaners and will also prevent stretching on your clothing. If wooden hangers seem like a splurge, simply opt for a collection of plastic hangers that are all the same type. Make sure they’re all facing the same direction and organize your clothing by category or color. Your pieces will look much more appealing when they are sorted from light to dark and also sorted by length!

4. Let There Be Light

Add mirrors, full-length or table mirrors, so that you can create the illusion of a larger space. Natural lighting also breathes freshness into a room, but if you don’t have a window, try stick-on LED lights at the top of your closet or a decorative floor lamp if you have more room.

5. Add a Burst of Color

While having a neutral or white closet helps the space look clean, don’t be afraid to add a little color. Tie in some of the colors from your bedroom through a small rug that sits in or outside of your closet doors. If you have the room, add an oversized chair to give your closet a more relaxed vibe. Wallpaper can add a more personal touch too, just be sure to keep the print minimal and only use it on an accent wall so it doesn’t appear overwhelming. Incorporating fresh flowers every now and then can also help your space feel a little more special!

Do you have any tried and true closet organization tips? Let us know in the comments.