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Father’s Day Messages to thredUP’s Rad Dads

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Reminder, badass moms: Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 18th! And we couldn’t think of a better way to kick-off the holiday than to share photos of some of our favorite thredUP dads and sweet messages from their adorable kids. Cue the Awwwwwwws, thrifters.


Vivek Daver, Operations Developer and Dad to Arya, 6.

“I love playing baseball with my dad and I am so lucky to have a dad like him.” – Arya


Oscar Rodriguez, Operations Manager and Dad to Alex, 18, Natalie, 16, and Ruben, 10.

“To the best Dad in the world, Happy Father’s Day. BBQ and soccer to celebrate? :o)” – Alex

“Hey Pops, Happy Father’s Day! Don’t grow too fast! lol” – Natalie (my princess)

“Hi Dad, Happy Father’s Day! Can’t wait to go back to Disneyland! I love you!” – Ruben


Oliver Lubin, Co-founder, Chief Innovation Officer, and Dad to Emery, 8 months.

“Dad, this is what the kids call a duck face.” – Emery



Aaron Tompkins, Operations Manager and Dad to Rylan, 8, and Laken, 5.

“I love my Dad, it’s hilarious when he plays jokes on my mom and us.” – Rylan

“My favorite thing is to go camping with my dad.” – Laken


John Voris, Chief Operations Officer and Dad to Trent, 24, and Katrina, 22.


Al Ghorai, Chief Finance Officer and Dad to Olivia, 14, and Julia, 12.


Chris Homer, Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer and dad to Isaac, 1.

“Daddy, I can’t wait until I’m big enough for you to teach me how to ski.” – Isaac

Share your Father’s Day stories with us! Cute messages, plans for the weekend, funny moments…send ’em over! Happy Father’s Day, everyone.