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5 Handbags Every Woman Needs

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Some people say that you can never have enough handbags in your wardrobe to match every occasion and outfit. We pretty much agree… BUT! Some types of handbags are more critical to have than others. No matter your style or profession, you will want these top five handbag styles that (we think) every woman needs.

1. The Professional Handbag

There will be times in your life when you have to look buttoned-up and professional. Whether it’s your job, or a meeting with your tax accountant or something of the sort, a professional bag is a must. Those papers won’t hold themselves! Clutches, small totes, or messenger bags with a large buckle are perfect for meetings and work alike.

2. The Chic Handbag

The chic bag: small enough to carry around without detracting from the outfit, but spacious enough for your necessities. Money, phone, your fave lipstick, all those goodies. We’d suggest choosing one with a neutral color that will match all your outfits. Can’t go wrong with a little black bag – it will take you far.

3. The One for All the Makeup You Need

We all know the makeup bag. It’s stuffed to the brim with makeup from the past five years. It’s sentimental, and 100% necessary. Get a bag that is easy to organize on the inside and looks fab on the outside. Box-shaped handbags are great for keeping all your accessories and makeup tidy.

4. The Overnight Handbag

A bag to take with you on overnight trips is of course a wardrobe staple. It will need to carry a change of clothes, shoes, makeup, and probably about three completely unnecessary outfits (just in case). (Why does packing for one night feel as difficult as packing for a three week trip? Questions that don’t have answers.) Anyway, the best option is a large leather tote bag or a weekender bag. Again, a neutral color is probably your best bet. Then again, a fun pattern might help you get into instant vacation mode. The good news is that you can’t go wrong either way.

5. The Theatre Clutch Bag

Going to an event tonight? You do not want to carry the kitchen sink with you. A large bag can ruin your look, no matter how stylish your dress or outfit is. Get an elegant clutch wallet or finger bag that matches your overall style and makes you shine all night.

There is no one style of handbag that fits every occasion. Conveniently, if you buy secondhand, you can finally afford more than one! Woohoo!