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5 Must-Copy Outfit Ideas For Busy Mornings

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We all have those mornings when  we wake up and feel like there’s just nothing to wear. The irony is that it is precisely those sorts of days when a great outfit really makes all the difference in your confidence and outlook. There’s no denying it!

Our latest Badass Mom Brandi manages to blog, run a support group for women entrepreneurs, and yes, be a mom. She has a few tips up her, er, sleeve in the form of outfit equations – five outfits she goes to again and again during the warmer months. For more with Brandi, check out her Badass Moms profile!

But first! A little bit of background on Brandi’s impeccable yet easygoing style:

What’s your philosophy on style and fashion?
I wear whatever I feel good in. It doesn’t matter if the patterns don’t match or the colors are clashing, if the fit is good and I feel comfortable in it, I will rock it! Ayva has the same mentality.

What are your wardrobe staples?
– A-line dresses in every color
– Sexy maxi-dress
– Black cardigan
– Jean jacket

What trend are your loving right now? Denim on denim. I LOVE IT. LOVE. ADORE. LOVE.


Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 5.04.55 PM.png
1. Throw on a printed shift dress. One-and-done.
“I bought this dress at a thrift store in my neighborhood that benefits local single moms. The color and pattern make it feel fancy while the shape and fabric make it easy to wear every day!”


2. Try a denim shirtdress. 
“Living in the Bay Area with its mild weather, I love finding clothes that I can wear year round. This dress is the perfect foundation for one of the great colorful scarves I love so much.”


3. Off-duty? Try a shibori or tie-dye tank top with some denim shorts
“I just started wearing shorts again. I had stopped wearing them outside of the house for a few years because I felt like my legs were too big, and I felt uncomfortable. On vacation last year Ayva told me, “Mom, you look great in shorts. You need to wear them instead of those long, hot skirts all the time! She’s also the reason I wear bathing suits now, too!”

4. Rock a textured, A-Line dress. 
“I found this dress at my grandmother’s house. She was single for a very long time. She loved to travel. She was very social, and she was very fly. She was the kind of grandma that you could wear her clothes. Whenever I am going somewhere I need to feel sexy or I need to feel sassy or I need to just feel confident, I put it on. I have had it for many years now. I wore it when I was pregnant. I wore it when I was dating my husband and we went on vacation. It is just one of the staples of my wardrobe that I can wear forever and ever.”


5.  A pop-of-color top with white jeans is always a good idea. 
“I love white jeans for summer. I’ve also been gravitating towards shirts that are just tad dressier than expected. ”

For more Brandi, read her feature and check out her awesome blog, Mama Knows It All