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5 Picnic Essentials You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Everyone knows that picnics are brunches’ outdoorsy friend. Like brunch, picnics mean yummy food, good drinks, and Instagram-worthy moments. Unlike brunch, picnics call for chilling outside for several hours, sitting on the ground, and possibly playing a game that requires physical activity. Your go-to brunch outfits don’t work here. It can be hard to know what to wear to a picnic to look simultaneously cute and comfortable. Thankfully, it’s not as hard as you think! Here are some summer wardrobe staples that you need to create multiple perfect picnic outfits. 

1. Sitting on the Grass All Day? Midi skirts.


For picnic on the grass, midi skirts keep you cool and cute. Midi skirts are flattering on every body type and its lightweight materials fare well in hot weather. Cropped denim jackets pair beautifully with a high-waisted midi skirts, accentuating the waist. If it’s too warm for a jacket, pair a printed midi skirt with a basic tank top. Let the midi be the statement piece of your outfit!

Not only is a midi super stylish, but a midi’s longer length also gives you peace of mind when you’re sitting on the ground with pets and/or children. No adjustments needed! Check out brands Ann Taylor and J Crew for some chic midi skirts. 

2. Cooler than Expected? Cardigans.


Picnics, like all outdoor activities, are a delicate gamble with the elements. But you can place all bets on a bold cardigan to add layers to your picnic attire. Cardigans are effortlessly chic and with the right color or pattern, they can add playfulness to any picnic outfit. And if it starts to get a little windy or you stay later than expected, your cardigan will keep you cozy and stylish. Tied around the waist, and you have a whole new outfit! 

3. Playing Outdoor Games? Sneakers.


Shoe choice is essential, and a picnic outfit is nothing without a cute *and practical* shoe! With your outfit on point, you may want to reach for a heel but remember you’ll be in the grass and no one wants a sinking heel.

A stylish sneaker is a great option because it can add a cool edge to any picnic outfit. Choosing to wear a sneaker means that you can comfortably carry the cooler to and from the car and participate in *and win* the best outdoor games. Brands Nine West, J/Slides and Wanted have numerous fresh kicks in stock right now. 

4. Grubbing All Day? Shift dresses.


A shift dress is the perfect picnic dress because it is modern, elegant, and loose fitting. Extremely versatile, so you can style them however way you want. Tie a button-down around your waist for a casual-cool vibe or accessorize with a long necklace for extra elegance. Picnics are a great way to spend time with friends and family outside, but the real reason we have picnics is to eat! A shift dress is a comfortable choice for a day of eating, giving you wiggle room as you go for your seconds or thirds. I know I certainly will! 

5. Impromptu Photoshoot? Sunglasses. 


When you have a picnic, you have to take pics. I mean, it’s in the word! Sunnies are protect your eyes from UV rays and glam up any picnic outfit. From cat-eyes to aviators, a fitting pair of shades is a function and style essential.

Your friends may be snapping candid photos, but you’ll always be camera-ready with shades on. No blinking, no problem! With the right frames, you can be ready for the paparazzi while looking super cool.


What’s your go-to picnic outfit? What settings for picnics are you looking forward to this summer? Share with us in the comments below!