Published on june 7, 2017

5 Reasons Why Shopping Secondhand Will Boost Your Happiness

written by Team thredUP

Secondhand shoppers know that being thrifty is the smart and savvy instead of “cheap”. Did you know: the word thrifty is actually a derivative of the word thrive. Thrifty means to use money and other resources carefully and not wastefully. Thrive means to grow or to flourish with a clear sense of prosperity. Now, it all makes sense!

Being thrifty is about making a confident choice to live consciously and live well. It’s thinking of savings as newfound income (or your ticket to the good life). Saving money on clothes helps you to take pleasure in that much-needed getaway and gives you more time with your family and friends. Even when being thrifty isn’t a necessity, shopping secondhand is a smart choice with many rewards and benefits.

Here are 5 reasons why our tagline here at thredUP is think #secondhandfirst:

1. You get to save money. A lot of it. Imagine all those savings going toward the fun stuff. In a recent thredUP poll, we found that 65% of customers used their secondhand savings on experiences with friends and family (not bills!). If you shopped secondhand exclusively for one year, you would save $2,129. What would you spend the money on? Tell us in the comments!

“Thrifty isn’t cheap, it’s smart. Cheap is a compromise in quality. No one wants to look cheap. If you’re trying to get a good value, secondhand is where it’s at.”

2. You get to wear higher quality brand names for less. Treat yourself to the kind of quality and brand names that usually make your wallet nervous, at a price that’s completely guilt-free. Secondhand is your get-out-of-jail-free card to splurge impulsively for women’s clothes and accessories you deserve. Find something that matches your style perfectly and costs much less than what you would pay at the mall.

“Secondhand allows me to buy the brands and styles that I desire without breaking the bank or going into debt.”

3. You get to help reduce fashion’s environmental impact. Due to the rise of fast fashion, textile waste has risen from 7% to 30% in the past five years. Resale has proven to be a smart alternative that is good for the planet and our communities. Sustainable fashion? Yes, please.

The average American throws away 70 lbs of clothing annually. If all of that clothing were reused or recycled, it would save 6 million items from ending up in landfill per year.

In 2016, thredUP collectively saved:
128M lbs of CO2 = 8,111 households’ yearly electricity use
14M items upcycled = 140 Nordstrom department stores
10B gallons of water = 15,784 Olympic-size swimming pools

@jessieschnall started shopping #secondhandfirst after watching the documentary The True Cost. 

“Producing less waste and leading a conscious, more sustainable life might be the best idea I’ve heard all year. It is brave and it is important.”

4. You get to have fun! 85% of resale shoppers say treasure hunting is their primary motivation for shopping secondhand. It’ll make all your friends ask “where’d you get that?” on repeat, and then they’ll wish they found it first. It’s so easy to go to the mall and dress like everyone else, but at thredUP you get to indulge your individuality with one-of-kind treasures.

“It’s incredible what you find when shopping off the beaten track.”

5. You get to declutter and feel good about your simplified life. Tidy closet, tidy mind. Close your eyes. Imagine a closet where everything in it is something you wear and love. Think of all the stress-free mornings you’ll have getting dressed! Happiness factor: High. Don’t wait another minute, Clean Out today.

@only_yiii just cleaned out and got a whole lot happier.

“I love that rush of getting rid of things. One less thing to worry about that’s taking up space in my house.”

Thrift is a notion that seems to have escaped this day and age and we’re so happy to see it making a comeback. We’re always trying to find ways to be more thrifty and to convert back to a more natural state of living. In order to reach our goal of getting everyone in the world to think secondhand first (#loftygoals), we’d love your help in explaining to at least ONE person why thrifting is good for us all. Are you in?