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Sweater-ify Your Closet: 5 Types of Sweaters to Beat the Chill in Style

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Now that you’re a pro at taking care of your sweaters, it’s time to stock up on them! This is the season when you grab your sweater as often as your favorite tee. Get the lowdown on the five must-own silhouettes, the fabrics to look for, and the classic prints and patterns that will likely grace your future styles. Covering up doesn’t have to be boring—be sure to let your layers peek out underneath!

5 Must-Own Sweater Silhouettes

1. Oversized Cardigan
Opt for a cardi coat over your dress instead of a jacket this season. Its enveloping warmth will keep you just as cozy (if not more!). Try a midi-length cardigan with a maxi dress for maximum impact. This versatile style looks equally glam over jeans and a tee, making it your best friend on a long holiday flight or road trip.


2. Pullover Sweater
The chicest way to wear your daytime crew? With a party skirt. This unexpected combo will take you through the holiday party circuit in style. To up the fancy, look for cashmere blends, metallic details, and statement graphics. Ground your look with a flash of silver—high-shine heels or booties add requisite sparkle.


3. Turtleneck Sweater
The under layer every girl should own. Buy multiples! Wear alone with a pair of dark denim or layer underneath dresses and jumpsuits for extra warmth and extra chic. Since it will be the layer closest to your body, look for non-itchy materials like cotton-blends or cashmere. Avoid wool blends or synthetic materials.


4. Poncho
This non-fussy style is the best alternative to a winter coat. Avoid that too-hot feeling with your arms free. We love pairing this voluminous silhouette over sleek black pants and a striped shirt. Keep accessories to a minimum and your bag in your hand to reduce bulk. A top-handle bag or clutch will do the trick.


5. V-Neck Sweater
This classic office essential can be worn with everything from jeans and black pants to pencil skirts. Tuck a close-fitting, thin-ribbed style into pants or opt for a loose, boyfriend style for a masculine/feminine mix.  It’s the ultimate “pull-on-and-go” piece you’ll turn to day after day.


Sweater Materials Matter

When purchasing sweaters, look for the fabric composition on the item’s label. You don’t want to end up with an itchy sweater on bare skin. Most sweaters are composed of a blend—the highest percentage material is the one you’ll feel the most.

1. Cashmere
The most luxe. At thredUP, you can splurge on fashion’s softest knit because it’s always 75% off retail price. Cashmere is a fine wool fiber obtained from cashmere goats while traditional sheep’s wool is heavier and coarser. Hand wash or dry clean all cashmere sweaters to extend their life.

2. Merino Wool
Merino wool is the softest sheep’s wool you can find. You’ll often find merino wool used in base layers for outdoor activities. Soft, breathable, and warm, merino wool regulates your body temperature and is machine washable.

3. Silk
100% silk and silk-blend sweaters are super lightweight, which make them ideal for layering.  Dry cleaning your silk sweaters is always the best option.

4. Alpaca Wool
Alpaca sheep’s wool is durable, luxurious, and silky. Its elasticity makes it well-suited for knitting.

Sweater Prints and Patterns

Some sweater patterns pop up season after season (that’s what we call timeless). So, if you come across any of these styles secondhand, scoop them UP.

1. Fair Isle
Fair Isle is a traditional style of knitting, originating in Northern Scotland. It is recognized for its colorful patterns, usually found across the chest of crewneck sweaters.

2. Cable-knit
This classic stitch is patterned after fisherman’s knots, symbolizing a hard day’s work at sea. Chunky, cozy, and warm, this style is best suited as your outermost layer. Style trick: Peek the cuff out from your striped button-up for a playful pop.

3. Striped
Wear your favorite summer pattern through fall and winter! Just pair with jeans and ballet flats.

What are your favorite sweater styles? Tell us in the comments below!