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6 Pairs of Shoes You Can’t (Or Wouldn’t Want To) Live Without

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We all have our guilty pleasures. Great example: shoes. Oh, shoes, why must you be so tempting! Shoe-shopping is (luckily) never-ending, because there are new styles to accompany every season and occasion, but there are also some basic shoes every woman needs in her closet. These six staples are must-have’s – let us remind you why, in case you’re not already sold.

1. Ballet Flats


We love the simple versatility of these flats styled by Gal Meets Glam.

A pair of simple ballet flats can easily help pull together your day-to-day style. They are the definition of versatile! You can wear them all day to help your feet stay comfortable, or you can simply slip a pair in your purse to rescue your feet if your heels are just too much to handle. While you can go with a neutral color that will match nearly any outfit you have, don’t be afraid to snag a pair in a bright and bold color or a fun animal print to add a pop of interest to your outfit.

2. Sneakers


From jeans to minidresses, a classic pair of sneakers will give any outfit some street-cred vibes. If you know you’ll be spending all day walking around, your feet will thank you for choosing this shoe. These days, sneakers come in such a variety of materials, like leather and suede, that they can easily transition from day to night. If you’re graceful enough to keep stains and dirt and food off of your shoes, might we suggest a white pair? Very trendy these days.

3. Sandals


You’ll be sure to draw attention with some funky colorful lace-ups.

For warm weather outfits, we’re a huge fan of sandals – and there are so many kinds! For a more sophisticated look, consider detailed gladiator sandals or minimalist slip-ons. Sandals are just as breathable and summery as flip-flops, but so much better, and can even serve as the focal point of an outfit. You can wear them casually with a top and shorts, or dress them up in a skirt and blouse. Sandals with a mid-block heel are great for workwear, and mules are a classic shoe-in, pun intended.

4. Black Pumps


These Vince heels are classic and modern all at once.

When you want a shoe that can take you from the office to date night, you need a pair of chic black pumps. Let us rephrase. When you are a woman in this world, you need a pair of black pumps. You can wear this wardrobe staple with everything from dark-wash jeans to a more formal dress or jumpsuit. Consider getting your black pumps in leather or suede, because they will never go out of style. We pretty much guarantee this.

5. Wedges


These suede tan wedges are just the right mix of stylish and practical.

While pumps help complete any formal outfit and make your legs and calves look ahhmmmmazing, they’re not exactly known for being the most comfortable shoe in the world. If you’re looking for the elevated style that pumps give you coupled with the comfort of a flat, you need a pair of wedges. For a beachy twist, consider espadrille wedges. This shoe looks just as good with a summer dress as it does with a denim skirt or pants. Vacay style, any day of the week? Yes, please.

6. Boots

Boots come in a range of shades and lengths, from casual tan ankle booties to dramatic black over-the-knee boots. A solid pair of natural-toned mid-calf boots are essential in any woman’s wardrobe and can transition smoothly from winter to summer when you ditch the tights and sweaters for flowy skirts and tanks.

What’s your go-to pair of shoes? Let us know in the comments!