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6 Summer Essentials to Rock All Season Long

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The season of drinks on the patio, long weekenders, and beach days is almost here! With one foot in our winter closet and one foot out, it’s time to take the leap into the perfect summer wardrobe. Warm up for the dog days with our checklist of all the essentials you’ll need to complete a summer outfit (or two), and multiple ways to style what you have.

1. The Versatile Blouse


We love a good tattered vintage T-shirt, but summer isn’t all tees and tanks. Perfect for work, play, and everything in between, a blouse can be styled up or down in an instant with a pencil skirt or cut off shorts. It’s the perfect addition for your work-to-play wardrobe essentials.


— Denim jeans and shorts are a simple fix for dressing down a work blouse for weekend wear, but kick it up a notch in a high-waisted flared style for a cute hippy lift.

— Layering in warm temperatures is possible! A sheer blouse over a camisole (or bralette if you’re feeling those festival vibes) is an easy, flirty look. For extra texture, unbutton and tie the ends.

— In an off-shoulder mood? Don’t hit the stores, go DIY with a button-up blouse. Simply unbutton three fastenings at the top,  slip the collar off your shoulders, and roll up the sleeves. It’s a relaxed look for those Happy Hour-turned-night outs.

2. Flowy Skirts


It’s hot out there! Stay cool during all your adventures by incorporating a skirt into the routine. A linen piece is breathable and simple enough to blend into your work outfits, while something silky will feel cool and luxurious against the skin.


— Pencil skirts are in this season and they’re aren’t just for the office anymore. Team a high-waisted style with a simple tank and sandals.

— Like the jumpsuit, off-set plainer skirt and top combos with a statement belt. It’s a great chance to play with complementary colors.

— The old adage “Less is More” is usually a golden rule in our book, but summer should be all about celebration! That being said, pair a patterned skirt with a matching top in a different color, or a top printed with a more subtle accent print.

3. Tee Time


Coachella may be over but festival season is a summer-long affair! Break out the band merch, slub tees, and raglans, the dog days are all about casual living and laid-back looks. The most versatile element in any wardrobe, a T-shirt can be dressed up with statement jewelry and shoes. Just get creative!


— The age-old T-shirt and shorts combo can get a little bland during summer. Instantly style it up with a big and bold neckerchief or even a necklace.

— If you’re feeling the heat gather a side of your T-shirt and tie a knot for a slightly cropped look and a little texture to your outfit. Pair it with a maxi skirt for maximum chill vibes.

— Not really feeling the typical work outfit? Tuck a plain T-shirt into high-waisted dress pants, heels, and a bold necklace for a Friday-ready look that will put in the hours day and night.

4.  Back to Shorts


We’re all for shifts, maxis, and what have you, but sometimes you just want to throw on a pair of shorts and call it a day. Get back to the basics, summer is all about shorts!


— Although we love denim shorts for their versatility, opt for more lightweight materials to keep you cool. Match an airy blouse with fluttering silk shorts for a bright feminine look.

— Tops shouldn’t get to have all the fun! Match solid-colored T-shirts with a printed pair of shorts for a fun vibe.

— If you miss the patina of denim, washed linen shorts are a relaxed (and way more breathable) alternative!

5. Jump into a Jumpsuit


Our absolute favorite summer essential! From satin affairs to chambray rompers, this all-in-one style is an easy outfit to rock that can be dressed up or down in an instant.


— Jumpsuits are all attitude. We love tropical printed styles, but it can be a little much for every day. Soften the bolder looks with a denim jacket.

— If you’re trying to make a big statement (aren’t we all with a jumpsuit?), ramp up the mystery with a wide brim hat, big shades, and sandals.

— Plain jumpsuits looking a little boring? Wear a statement belt to off-set solid colors, it’s a super easy fix that also contours your figure.

6. Sashay into Wedges


Whether you’re in a strappy mood or only up to slipping into some slides, wedges are the way to go! Cork or wood, you’re in good hands (or platforms) as wedges are considerably more comfortable than the average stiletto. Take them to brunch, the park, and even the boardwalk, wedges are the perfect summer companions.


— Summer is about throwing off the depressing layers of winter and showing a little skin! Whether you’re wearing a skirt, shorts or pants, really bring attention to your legs by opting for a nude-tone wedge.

— Wedges accentuate and lengthen your legs making them a sure-fire way to dress up  shorts, but they’re also equally amazing with billowing summer dresses.

— Maximize the wedge heels’ magical ability to slim down legs and ankles with cropped wide leg pants. It’s a play on contrast we all love!

With these separates and a little creativity, you can build a million (maybe a little dramatic but we’re not far off, we swear!) different outfits just for summer! These easy building blocks will have you whipping up different looks for the season in no time at all.