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6 Things Our Stylists Want You to Do for the Best Goody Box Ever

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Have you ever looked at your closet and thought, “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!”? We’ve all been there and, after what feels like an eternity at home, the closet fatigue is real. For many of us, resetting our closets right now just seems like an enormous undertaking.

That’s where our Goody Box stylists come in! What’s a Goody Box, you say? It’s a style box of thrifted finds customized for you by our styling team for just a $10 deposit. Shipping and returns are free, and you only pay for what you keep. You can pick a themed box (like WFH outfits or seasonal sets), ask for a customized box to suit your particular needs, try on a collection of your favorites, or make your own try-before-you-buy box! Take 30 seconds and fill out our style quiz to start.

To help you get a Goody Box that’s totally and utterly you, we asked our top Goody Box stylists for tips on what you should do before they start styling. Read on to find out what Kyle, Chelsea, and Rebecca love to see from their clients.

1. There’s no such thing as TMI.


Are you dressing up for a new job? Shopping for mommy-to-be looks? Just re-discovering your style? Got a big event coming up? Let your Goody Box stylist know what you’re looking to get out of your Goody Box. If you’re updating your everyday rotation, tell your stylist what you do for work or what your day to day looks like. Any information helps them pick the items you’ll actually love to wear.

2. It’s All About the Fit


There’s no bigger letdown than unboxing the perfect dress but finding out it’s the wrong size! Fit is a tricky thing so give your Goody Box stylist as much information as possible. Share all your preferred sizes (here’s how to find your TRUE size for most brands), how you like items to fit (like, relaxed or tight), your body type, and your measurements if you got ’em. And finally, let your stylist know which areas of your body you’d like to highlight and which areas you’d like to take attention away from. Sharing all your preferences might sound like a lot of work, but it’ll pay off in the end when everything in your box fits!

3. Give Us Dos and Don’ts

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Not everybody uses Goody Boxes for life-changing style discovery. Give us the dos and don’ts for your closet. Only wear black? Can’t stand stripes? Let your stylist know what you love and what you don’t love and they’ll make sure that there are only good surprises in your box.

4. Flaunt Your Style



We know you have amazing style, now show us! Our Goody Box stylists LOVE when you share your style inspiration with them. Tell them what your go-to item or signature look is, who inspires your style, include social media links if that helps tell your story (think Pinterest, Instagram, blogs!), what you’re willing to splurge on, and other essential details. Another way to make sure your stylist really gets you is by favoriting and saving searches on thredUP! Who knows, some of your favorites might end up in your box.

5. Share Your Thoughts


The more feedback your stylist gets, the better your next box will be! Once you’ve tried on your box, let us know what worked and what didn’t. If it was a hit, let us know what you absolutely loved and want to see more of. If it was a miss, let us know what could have been better. Constructive feedback helps guide your stylist in a different direction next time.

6. Update Your Information Often


Things change! If what you’ve shared in your style profile doesn’t really vibe with you anymore, make sure you update it so your Goody Box will always be relevant. Stuff like sizing and budget are especially important so definitely check in with your style profile every now and then before your next Goody Box.

Ready to get styled? Get your own Goody Box today!