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6 Types of Denim Washes and How to Wear Them

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What type of denim wash puts the spotlight on your gingham sweater? What about your white t-shirt? Find out what types of jeans look stylish with other categories and learn how to wear them! 

1. Dark Wash Denim

When I think of dark wash denim, the single pair of jeans with emphasized words and patches that Carmen, Tibby, Bridget and Lena designed together in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants come to mind. Achieved by leaving the indigo dye unwashed, the deep blue hues that border on indigo make this wash versatile for taking outfits from daytime to nighttime.


Style tips:
-Beware, dark blue jeans commonly rub off dye color and are likely to fade into a mid-blue color. Wash before you wear!
-Make a t-shirt and jeans outfit pop by wearing it with colorful shoes.
-Fun fact! Dark wash is also known as raw and dry denim for their skipping of the washing process.

2. Medium Wash Denim

The most popular wash is the medium wash for being typically softer than dark wash jeans and more blue than light wash jeans—all due to having been washed and dried several more times than dark wash jeans. The wide variety of their blue hues allow the jeans to come in all different interesting cuts and styles: wide leg, skinny, ripped, distressed and printed amongst others. The easiest way to instill variety into your jeans collection is to stock your closet with mid wash jeans!


Style tips:
-Flaunt the simplicity of neutral tops by donning them with dark or medium wash jeans.
-In warm weather, sport cropped jeans and t-shirts to give your limbs air.
-A trick for turning a pair of straight leg jeans into boyfriend jeans is to simply cuff them at the legs!

3. Light Wash Denim

Majority of light wash denim are either one or two shades lighter than medium wash denim, or two or three washes away from being categorized as bleach wash. This is the wash that most medium wash jeans will fade into given enough wears and washes. But if you’re too impatient to watch paint dry (literally), pick out a pair of light wash jeans in the boyfriend or cropped cut that you can effortlessly create the distressed or bleached look with whenever you want to maximize utility.


Style tips:
-Polish the denim on denim look by mixing different washes of jeans and jean jackets.
-Due to its lighter hue of blue, light wash jeans emphasizes the bright colors of your outfit.
-Dress up skinny jeans with heels and blouses.

4. Distressed Wash Denim

The hip distressed wash was inspired by the construction worker, whose job duties demanded some rips and tears in their pants. Often described as vintage, distressed denim has an appealing worn-in look that cannot be easily shaken off. Shopping tip: browse quickly by sorting the jeans by your sought after wash using the color filter!


Style tips:
-Distressed jeans are perfect for adding some edge to flowy tops and bohemian prints!
-My favorite jeans of all time is a pair of hand-me-down Levi’s distressed cut-offs from my mama. She rocked them in the 1980s and I’m rocking them in the 2010s.
-Let’s not forget distressed cut-off denim shorts! The fraying at the bottoms contrasts the intentional rips with some charm.

5. Black and Grey Denim

Black and grey jeans—everyone needs one of each. Though the two are staples for creating the monochrome look, black and grey are amazing for letting loud patterns and prints make a statement in an outfit. DIY project: turn black and grey jeans into trendy acid wash jeans by rubbing bleach into them, then washing and lastly hanging them dry!


Style tips:
-To add sophistication to high-waisted jeans, tuck your top into them.
-To achieve the edgy punk rocker look, combine distressed black jeans with sneakers and a white graphic tee.
-Grey jeans with black blazers are the dream team for casual interviews and coffee get-togethers.

6. White Denim

The opposite end of the denim spectrum are white jeans. Amongst its most important qualities is that they can be worn with white tops and jackets. White parties, anyone? They look stylish for everyday when worn with straightforward tops and accessories also. Shopping tip: easily look for various shades of white jeans in your desired cuts and styles using the pant cut and style filters!


Style tips:
-It is very important to choose white pants made of thicker fabrics such as cotton and spandex.
-Tastefully stick to one item in your outfit that you wish to highlight.
-My favorites to highlight using white jeans are statement necklaces and striped shirts. Just not the two together!


What’s your favorite wash of denim and what do you enjoy wearing it with? Let us know in the comments below!