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7 All Black Halloween Costumes You Can Make From Your Own Clothes

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We know you have the best intentions. Dreaming up the coolest culturally relevant costume that will have everyone applauding your creativity on Instagram. But truth is, life happens. While we’re busy outfitting the kids into their dream costumes, we leave our own costumes to the last minute. This year, liveUP and make a five-minute, all black costume from your own clothes and a few repurposed accessories. So, who’s in for a thrifty Halloween? Hands UP! Don’t be scared. Easy Halloween costumes, right this way.

1. Twin Dancer Emoji

Photo Credit: Sabrina Belden

Are the twin dancers your most frequently-used emoji? Grab your bestie and strike a pose. This duo also makes an adorable mom-daughter costume.

What you need:
-Black leotard / black romper / black mini dress
-Nude stockings
Black heels or black flats
-DIY black bunny ears: Make bunny ear shapes with black pipe cleaners and fasten onto any plastic black headband.

2. Black Swan Costume

Photo Credit: @angel_singmin

Live out all your ballerina fantasies as the Black Swan. If you don’t have a tiara, add black feathers to a plain black headband. When it comes to makeup, don’t hold back. Try a white base, dramatic black cat eyes, and a deep red lip.

What you need:
-Black leotard or bodysuit
-Black tutu
-Black ballet flats
-Dramatic metallic makeup

3. Cat Costume

Photo Credit: Raindrops of Sapphire

Calling all cat lovers! If the amount of images we see of cats in thredUP boxes is any indication, there are a lot of feline fans out there.

What you need:
Black sweater
Black pants
-Black belt
-Black bow tie
-Black clutch
-DIY black tail: Wrap and glue fluffy faux fur onto a tail-shaped wire hangar. Attach it to the waistband of your pants.
-DIY black cat ears: Make cat ear shapes with black pipe cleaners and fasten onto any plastic black headband.

4. Sandy from Grease

Photo Credit: Twist Me Pretty

Make the ultimate transformation as Danny Zuko’s girlfriend in everyone’s favorite pop musical. Go over the top glam—big curls, gold hoops, and lots of attitude.

What you need:
-Black off-the-shoulder bodysuit
Black leggings (Spandex is best)
Black leather jacket
Red heels or clog sandals
-Red lips
-Curled hair
-Fake cigarette
-Large gold hoop earrings

5. Shadow Costume

Photo Credit: Imgur

This super spooky costume is simple but makes a big impact. To do it right, you need to buy a morph suit ($20 on Amazon), but we guarantee it won’t be the only time you wear it. It’s a great base for so many DIY costume ideas. This is a great friends and family costume too, so coordinate with your squad and remember to take a group pic against a stark white wall.

What you need:
Black morph suit
Black dress
-Black boots or booties
-Black headband or hat

6. Witch Costume

Photo Credit: Little J Style

Common doesn’t have to mean boring. Feel free to add your own personal touches to the standard witch get-up. Colorful accessories, patterned tights, standout shoes. You can also get creative with your household broom: paint it, glitter it, attach LED lights to it.

What you need:
Black dress
Black pointy witch hat
-Black tights
Black boots or booties
-Black nails
-Cape (optional)

7. The Coven

Photo Credit: Wardrobe Conversations

If you’re part of a Taylor Swift-like girl squad, you’re going to want to do this one. Just repeat the list four times. #goals. Creating your maternity Halloween costume with this comfortable get-up is super easy; just find a flowy black maternity dress.

What you need:
Black dress or black blouse and a black skirt
-Black heels or booties
-Black pointy hat
-Black sunglasses
-Black jewelry
-Black scarf
Black purse
-Red lips
-Black nails


BONUS! #8: Rocker Chick

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 9.07.29 AMPhoto Credit: Eerie Zone

Just wear your favorite black skinnies or miniskirt, a leather jacket and a black tank top. Draw a star over your eye in black eyeliner. Done!


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What’s your favorite Halloween costume? What last minute Halloween costume do you go to? We want to hear YOUR ideas! Put them in the comments below and post your costumes on Facebook or Instagram with #secondhandfirst for a chance to be featured in an upcoming post.