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8 Reasons Why I’m Excited For School To Start

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It’s that time of year again – back to school! Which also means back to many other things, like more free time (hopefully) and more day-to-day structure. Katie Crenshaw, blogger of Twelve & Six, doesn’t feel conflicted about this transition at all – she’s never been more ready for school to start up again–and her reasons are making us excited, too.


A glorious time of year is upon us. The return to school. I realize that some of you supermoms are looking at me sideways, but some of us (me) are going a little bit nuts and need the reprieve from the chaos of summer break. I only have one school-aged child, but trust me, taking that one off my hands for a few hours a day will make a huge difference! Can we talk about rising first graders and how the talking (and arguing) never stops? I’m feeling very defeated. This is me waving my white flag. (I love you Grayson!) Anyway.

I have eight reasons I can’t WAIT for Monday.

1. True Crime TV

I can watch “Forensic Files” during the day again without worrying that my six-year-old is absorbing the ins and outs of arson investigation. Just yesterday he asked me if I knew that, “Violins were turning people bad and ruining the world.” (Violence.) I watched “Murder, She Wrote” with my mom as a kid and now I am constantly looking over my shoulder. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

2. A Plentiful Pantry

The same six-year-old is eating me out of house and home. He eats constantly, and I’m fairly certain he isn’t even hungry half of the time. Whatever I buy, he eats in a day. OH, and he has also requested (decaf) coffee of his own. The kid even has his own K-cups. I’m ready to make my online payment for those school lunches again and not have to go to Publix twice a week.

3. Decreased Mom Guilt

I am happy to know that he is being nurtured, paid attention to, and educated. As a work-at-home Mom, I am constantly juggling both kids, the house, the blog, and all the other responsibilities of being the CEO of the Crenshaw home. I often feel guilty that I am not doing Pinterest-y science projects with him or practicing phonics. Like, are their brains going to atrophy if I don’t teach them baby sign language and long division? When school starts, I will feel amazing about the academic and social enrichment he definitely lacked over the summer.

4. Maximized Productivity

I don’t know WHY I am like this, but the fewer people in the house, the more I am able to work. I am easily distracted and overwhelmed, so when there are other things going on I forget what I am doing and sort of freeze. When school is in session I have more focus to manage my time more efficiently.

5. Grocery Trips with Fewer Passengers

Can I get an AMEN? Going to the grocery store with kids is not my favorite and I try to avoid it by going when Tyler is home. However, life isn’t that perfect. Some grocery trips have to happen in the middle of a weekday and by gosh it’s a dream only having to take one kid instead of two. (P.S. how do you moms of 4+ even do life?!)

6. Structure and Order

Ahhhh. My inner Type A loves structure and schedules. I love knowing what times of day are dedicated to what and I thrive on routine. The summer is a free-for-all with no order or discipline and it throws my system completely out of wack. I literally cannot keep anything clean during the summer. At least during the school year I have a few hours a day to marvel at a clean house. In three days I will be back on an organizational clock and I can’t wait.

7.  Mandatory Exercise

I would love to say that we have gone on some beautiful hikes and swam at the pool all summer, but that would be a lie. We have played the Wii. Watched Netflix. Colored a little. Laid around. Let’s just say we have had a very restful summer. Starting Monday, it’s walks back and forth to the bus stop twice a day, sweaty house cleaning and possibly a new workout routine if I’m feeling like an overachiever.

8. Silence

Summer = ZERO silence. Ever. I am one of those people who needs quiet time. I don’t have to be talking all the time, I don’t want the TV on most of the time, and I NEED times of total quiet. During the summer, when Charlie takes a nap, I do my best to clean/work/shower/whatever…WHILE Grayson follows me around asking me questions, whining about something, arguing with me, or just saying “MOM” over and over for no reason. Nap time is about to be mine again, y’all.

While I love my spawn more than life itself and cherish every waking moment I get to spend with them, I’m going a tiny bit insane. To all of you who don’t start school back as soon as we do: you are in my thoughts and prayers. Namaste.

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