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8 Secondhand Month Challenges to Try With Your Friends

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We’re always looking for fun ways to live sustainably, and of course, look good while doing it. Secondhand Month (yep, it’s a thing) is a better time than any to up your thrifty style game with a style challenge! Our style challenges will make you fall in love with your closet all over again. Recruit a friend to a style swap, or try wearing a thrifted outfit that’s entirely out of your comfort zone! Whatever challenges you decide to do, make sure you share your attempts with us on Instatag @thredUP and use #secondhandfirst in all your photos. 

1. Buy No New Clothes This Month 



For the entire month of August, try not to buy any new clothes (unless it’s thrifted, of course). If everyone bought one item used instead of new this year, it would save 5.7B lbs of CO2 emissionsthat’s equal to 66M trees planted! If you’re really itching for something new to wear, borrow something from a friend or family member—there are plenty of cute clothes to go around. If you have something in need of a little repurposing, try mending it with our tips before saying goodbye to it for good. 

2. Wear Thrifted #OOTDs Weekly

Here’s a fun way for you and a friend to keep each other accountable in your secondhand goals. Wear at least one thrifted item once a week (or more!). It can be your fave pair of already broken-in jeans, your go-to summer dress, or any other thrifted gem! Bonus points if you’re wearing a head-to-toe thrifted outfit. Share each week’s outfit with a friend, and be sure to tag us @thredUP on Instagram. 

3. Wear it Five Ways

How many different ways can you style your go-to look? Try using different accessories, jackets, and shoes to create new outfits out of one fave clothing item. You can tell a friend about this challenge too and see who can come up with the most ways to style a single item. Need some inspo to get you started? Check out all the ways we styled a summer dress, scarf, T-shirt, blazer, and a pair of jeans.

4. Copy Your BFF’s Look 



Challenge a friend to a style swapshe recreates your outfit and you recreate hers. Be sure to choose a look that really represents your style, and your friend should do the same. Here’s your chance to experiment with outfits you might’ve been hesitant to try. You might even surprise yourself and love your new look! For inspo, check out our staffers’ attempt at a style swap.

5. Host a Family Clothing Swap

Blast the tunes, grab the boxes, and let the closet cleaning begin. Encourage your family members to do a cleaning spree too, and maybe even a clothing swap. Does your sister no longer wear that cable-knit sweater you’ve been eyeing for years? By the end of the day, you could have a whole new wardrobe without even leaving the house. 

6. Recreate Your Fashion Icon’s Look 



Are you totally obsessed with a celeb’s style or maybe your favorite influencer? Whoever it may be, look no further than Instagram and Pinterest for inspo for this challenge! Try to recreate your favorite fashion icon’s looks with only thrifted items. It’s the perfect way to experiment with your style without breaking the bank. Whether you’re loving the athleisure sets, or sophisticated streetwear, we have millions (yep!) of items to choose from. 

7. Try Our Mending Tips

Now’s the time to mend that clothing item in need of a little TLC. Before you think of buying a new replacement, repair it yourself. Try to fix one item per week this month. Most of the time, it’s as easy as replacing a button or sewing on a cute patch. With our super simple tips, your clothes will feel as good as new again in no time. 

8. Style With Last Year’s Clothes 



Dig around in your closet for something you haven’t worn in a while and style it to make it new to you! Found a blouse you haven’t worn in years? You can wear a cute sweater over the top, pair it with different shoes, or just add some new accessories. You may even want to call in your partner or kids for help on this one. Check out how our staffers’ loved ones styled them for a day. 

And last of all, make sure you’re keeping up with our 31 Days of Secondhand celebration! To inspire planet lovers everywhere to live more sustainably, we’ve drummed up 31 ways to be green for each day of August. Stay tuned for a whole month of thrifty living events, fun style challenges, awesome sales, and of course, our annual Bingo game (ten winners, ten $1,000 prizes!). Join us, and let the thrifty fun begin. 

We hope you’re loving Secondhand Month as much as we are. What secondhand challenges did you try? Show us on Instagram with #secondhandfirst