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9 Summer Accessories that You’ll Want to Take Everywhere

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Beach days, poolside chillin’, city trips, camping, hikes… there’s so much on your summer bucket list for only a few months. Don’t worry, we forgot what it’s really like to be busy too! While you’re planning your fun outfits again, you can’t forget the nitty gritty but quintessential deets: accessories. Here are some accessories that you will definitely need for all of your summer adventures.

1. Straw Bags

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Step #1 of summer: head straight to the nearest body of water ASAP. Straw bags are the perfect go-to bag for the summer. They give us that boho-beach girl look AND can hold all of your beach essentials – whether it’s everything you can name or just some sunscreen! If you’re in search of this beach essential, try brands like Straw Studios and Poolside.

2. Aviator Sunglasses

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Aviators have been an essential sunglass style for quite a while now. They’re truly a timeless staple, yet they still give us a retro vibe (cute in the 70s, cute today). You’ll need these if you want a trustworthy pair of sunnies, and maybe if you’re a bit style-nostalgic too. You can count on brands like Ray Bans and Oliver Peoples to have an excellent selection.

3. Shoulder Bags

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“I don’t need to bring everything I own when I go out this summer and that’s okay.” If this is your mantra, trust us and score a mini shoulder handbag. Shoulder bags have always been super practical, plus we love the way they hang under our arm (so chic). We love the brands Coach for some fun prints on our bags, and Kate Spade for their bright candy colors!

4. Silk and Linen Scarves

It’s time we break the stereotype that scarves are only for cold weather. Hellooo? Are we forgetting how cute, elegant, and light our silk and linen scarves are for summer? The beauty of this accessory is that it can be used for more than just neck coverage: you can wear it in your hair, or even tie it into a top too. Great brands to find some high quality scarves are Pashmina and Gucci (if you’re feeling luxey).

5. Bucket Hats

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Having a bad hair day? Want to add some flair to your outfit? Or both? Bucket hats will be your hero all summer long. They’re great to cover up, but also to give some spice to your seemingly casual outfit. We love brands like Urban Outfitters and Target , both of which offer lots of bucket hats in fun colors and prints.

6. Rectangular Sunglasses

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Switch it up from your typical circular sunnies and opt for something “edgier” (literally). This sunglass style is definitely what’s up this summer. We’re getting some serious Y2K vibes from them – no complaints! Quay and Foster Grant are a couple of good brands to snag these from.

7. Baseball Caps

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Did you really think we wouldn’t include this on the list? Please. We all know a baseball cap is both a classic and an essential – and it’s always been that way. 47 Brand has baseball caps with a wide variety of prints. If you’re aiming for a more athletic cap, you can check out Nike or Adidas.

8. Tote Bags

You may be going outside and realizing how much stuff you actually do need to bring. Don’t worry, we feel you! Tote bags are absolutely necessary for lots of your summer activities. If this is you, check out Botkier for some super chic leather totes, or Tommy Hilfiger to reach that summer-y vibe.

9. Cover Ups

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Whether you’re at the beach, pool, or lake, keeping a cover up handy is a must. Cover ups are perfect for your post-swim relaxation and easy to throw on if you want to walk around the boardwalk (or whatever off-shore activities that are nearby!). We’re loving the cover ups from J. Crew and Aqua Doce.

What else are you definitely taking with you all summer long? Drop a comment and let us know!