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Thrift Big and Stay Home: 9 Thanksgiving Activities that Don’t Involve Going to the Mall

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Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays, and we def like holidays around here. The thought of being surrounded by our family and friends on a brisk fall day gets us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. But besides all the delicious eats, the Macy’s Day parade, and the Stranger Things binge, what is there to do on Thanksgiving weekend if you don’t feel like getting trampled at Walmart? Well, lots! Copy our ideas below and let the festivities begin.

Thanksgiving Activities for Grown-Ups 

Shop thredUP’s Black Friday Weekend Sale (shameless plug)
Sorry to start with shopping but…you know, Black Friday. We can’t tell you what the deal is just yet but we PROMISE you it’s basically amazing. Come back on Friyay to find out! Don’t leave the couch, the deals are coming straight at you. Phone in one hand, wine in the other.

Build a Kindness Advent Calendar
Tiny milk chocolates are a tad overrated. Well, not really. But no one said you can’t have two advents! Here’s the idea: Partner with your friends and family to come up with a list of 31 random acts of kindness. And then follow them each day in December until the New Year. What an amazing start to 2018.

kindnessAdventCalendarPhoto Credit: PopSugar

Dance Party
Put someone in charge of the playlist. Have all the guests contribute a few songs under one theme or genre. Put out the spiked cider and dance the night away.

spikedCiderPhoto Credit: Creative Culinary

Thanksgiving Activities for Families

Organize a Turkey Trot
Can’t keep the kids cooped up in the house all day! Tear them away from their screens (and the cookies) and get ‘em outside for a 1-Mile Turkey Trot. A little competition is always a good motivator. Make little homemade prizes to give out to anyone who finishes. Hold a separate trot for the grown-ups and let the littles be the judge.

turkeyTrotPhoto Credit: Carlee McDot

Nature-Themed Scavenger Hunt
Another good ploy to get everyone outside. Pick ten things that you would find in nature. Wildflowers, feathers, colorful rocks, pinecones, and definitely include ‘something you think is a treasure.’ Share your finds together and made have everyone make a little box for their treasures.

colorfulPineConesPhoto Credit: eHow

Gratitude Circle
It might seem a little hippie but forming a gratitude circle can be a great gift for all your guests. Tell everyone to write down 3 things that they’re grateful for. Once everyone has gone around and said them out loud, add them to a vase full of backyard branches. We can’t think of a more beautiful centerpiece.

slack-imgsPhoto Credit: Kids Activities Blog

Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

Halloween Candy Treats
If you’re wondering what to do with all that leftover Halloween candy (what, you don’t have any?), we have a treat for you. Have all the kids contribute a portion of their stash to a treat or dessert. We love candy corn parfaits, no-bake Snicker’s pie, M&M fudge, and mini Butterfinger pies.

snickersTriflePhoto Credit: Six Sisters’ Stuff

Fall Leaf Wreaths
A leaf wreath is a simple craft appropriate for all ages. All you need is a few minutes to forage, recycled cardboard (thredUP box!), glue, and ribbon or twine. Cut the cardboard into a hollow circle and glue your leaves around the perimeter. Tie on some twine and hang on the door!

fallLeafWreathsPhoto Credit: Hometalk

Make Your Own Play Dough
This is a two-for-one craft because the kids are making something they get to play with after. All the deets on how to make it are here. We love the fruit scents and silky smooth texture of this recipe. Hint: It’s made from Jello packets. The homemade play dough will store in the fridge for at least a few weeks, so Christmas activity!

homemadePlaydoughPhoto Credit: Pretty Providence