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A Few of My Favorite Things

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Baby registries are great.  I totally appreciate how easy and convenient it is to shop from them, but I also get a little bored with giving gifts that don’t require that much thought.  So I always try to include a little something extra along with those necessities I purchase from a friend’s lists of wants and needs.  Here are 3 of my current favorite “extras” to give to my expecting friends:

Mommy Music – I’m one of those people who really listen to the lyrics of a song.  I like to know the “who, what, where, and why”.  And since becoming a mom, I’m especially drawn to artists who write songs about or for their kids.  Often times they’re able to sum up exactly what I feel about my son and I find myself thinking, “Yes, that’s exactly right!”  I love sharing these songs with my “mom friends” so I often include a CD with the baby shower gifts I give.  Here is my favorite play list:

  1. So Close to my Heart – Dar Williams
  2. Love of my Life – Carly Simon
  3. Forever Young – Rod Stewart
  4. Lullaby (Good Night My Angel) – Billy Joel
  5. Lullaby for Wyatt – Sheryl Crow
  6. Here for You – Neil Young
  7. With Arms Wide Open – Creed
  8. The One Who Knows – Dar Williams
  9. Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) – John Lennon

The Second Nine Months, by Vicki Glembocki – I first read this book when I was in my early 20s, not even close to thinking about having kids, and I thought it was hysterical.  I picked it up for the second time a few weeks after having my son, when I was completely lost and overwhelmed in my new role as someone’s mommy.  It not only made me chuckle again, but it also gave me great comfort to know that I was not alone in my struggle.  Vicki tells it like it is and she helped me to remember how essential it is to keep your sense of humor.  I think this book should be sent home with every new mom when she leaves the hospital!

A Yoga Ball – This gift usually causes a little confusion.  It seems like an odd present to be getting at a baby shower.  But this is what I tell everyone:  “There will be nights when you have spent endless hours rocking, pacing and singing to your screaming newborn and nothing works. And then you will see this yoga ball in the corner of the room and you’ll start bouncing and there is a VERY good chance that your baby will stop crying.  And you will thank me.  Trust me.”

So, what’s your favorite gift to give your expecting friends?