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A Friendly Oasis – Guest-Ready Bathroom

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If you’re lucky enough to have an extra bathroom in your home that you can designate as a guest bath, then why not make the most of it and turn it into an oasis for your guests? Make an impression and let guests know they are welcome with the little touches that make a difference. 

Most of you know that we’ve teamed up with Scrubbing Bubbles to share our cleaning secrets. A recent survey, the Scrubbing Bubbles Dirty Work Index, revealed that 81 percent of women claim their mothers taught them how to clean and 50 percent of women still go to their mothers first for cleaning advice.  We agree with these findings and are sharing some simple cleaning tips our moms have shared with us on how to create a clean, pulled-together guest bathroom: 


  1. A clean toilet is the most important element in a bathroom.  We swear by Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel.  It’s easy to use, provides a continuous clean and the fresh, clean scent is delightful.
  2. Small details such as a nice soap dispenser, tissue box cover and a wastebasket will add instant décor to a bathroom.
  3. A stack of fresh crisp white towels is nice to have on-hand for your guests.
  4. Place a fresh bar of soap, shampoo and conditioner in the shower.

You are now ready to receive that call from friends or family asking if they can stay with you.  Your response—let me show you where the loo is.  Your mom will be proud, our moms sure are!


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* This post is sponsored by Scrubbing Bubbles®, but my review and opinions are my own.

Michele and Gia