Published on may 18, 2021

Here’s Why Bundled Shipping is Better for Your Wallet & the Planet

written by Team thredUP

Does paying for shipping make you question everything in your cart? Does getting five boxes for the five items you ordered make you weep for the planet? If you’re nodding right now, you should be bundling.

Okay, what’s bundling?


Bundled shipping is perfect for shoppers who don’t mind waiting a little longer to get their goodies in exchange for getting fewer boxes. Plus, you get more time to reach the free shipping threshold. We love this option for when you want to avoid paying shipping on multiple purchases, like during a weekend sale or when using multiple codes. Or when you finally secure that dream item and need a little more time to get free shipping! Win-win.

Here’s how it works:

— You can choose Bundled Shipping at checkout to start a bundle. If your free shipping threshold hasn’t been reached, you’ll pay a $8.99 deposit. Please note: all orders in your bundle MUST go to the same address.

— Once you start a bundle, you can shop for up to seven days (and only pay that $8.99 once!). We’ll bundle and hold your items in their respective distribution centers. Your bundle will be shipped seven days from the first order date, or you can choose to ship it earlier at your Orders page

—You can ship your bundle at any time by going to your Orders page or wait until the seven days are up. Please note: it may still need 1-2 days to process after the bundling window closes. Items from the same distribution center will be consolidated and sent in as few boxes as possible.

— If you spend more than your original free shipping threshold in those seven days, we’ll refund your shipping deposit to your original form of payment. The deposit will be refunded to your original form of payment. Remember! Always choose Bundled Shipping at checkout for your order to be counted toward your free shipping threshold. We can’t retroactively bundle, and unbundled orders won’t count towards your free shipping threshold even if you do have an active bundle.


TLDR: Bundled shipping gives you more time to earn free shipping and save on packaging too. We hold your stuff for up to seven days and ship it all together. Remember! We can’t retroactively bundle an order. So make sure you choose Bundled Shipping at checkout if you’d like to add to a bundle.

Why would I want to wait longer to get my items? 

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In a world where next-day shipping is the norm, why would you want to wait? According to an independent study conducted by CE Delft, shipping emissions accounted for approximately 2.89% of annual global CO2 emissions. That’s a lot.

It’s our responsibility to the planet and our community to reduce our carbon impact wherever we can. If you’re not having a fashion emergency, please consider bundling your orders. Choosing a standard shipping option (or longer) over express shipping reduces your online order’s carbon footprint by 50%!


Gotcha, how do I start bundling? 

To unlock bundling, you must have already purchased from thredUP and have your credit card information saved. Once you’ve done that, you can start bundling by choosing Bundled Shipping at checkout. If you’re auto-buying your dream item, you’ll automatically start a bundle or add to an existing bundle too!

What else are you doing to make your shipping more sustainable? 


We’re actively trying to make an impact wherever we can in our operations, like our recycled mailers! They’re 100% recycled plastic, 100% recyclable, 100% reusable. And with 8 million metric tons of plastic winding up in our oceans each year, making that switch is definitely worth celebrating. Learn more about our packaging and how to recycle them here.

Any questions? You can find more answers at our FAQ or let us know in the comments below!