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Acceptance and Quality Standards

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All items will be carefully reviewed by thredUP’s authentication and style experts to determine resale value. Only high-quality items that meet our strict standards will be accepted. Please review the details below before sending in your Clean Out Bag. If you would like to see payouts for similar items that have recently sold on thredUP, check out our payout estimator.

Note: Due to the cost of shipping and processing, items not accepted by thredUP cannot be returned to you unless you add Return Assurance to your Clean Out Bag.


-New or like-new secondhand clothing that has been freshly laundered.

-Top kids’ brands we love: Tea Collection, Gap, Gymboree, and Hanna Andersson

-Top women’s brands we love: J.Crew, Anthropologie, Madewell, LOFT, Nike, and Nine West.

-New-with-tags (NWT) items.

-Items that are in-season, on-trend, and have been purchased within the past five years.

-For all your fancy designer things, please request a LUXE Clean Out Bag.

-Authentic handbags. We do not accept fake handbags or knockoffs. Handbags are put through a rigorous and brand-specific authentication process by our team of luxury retail experts. The thredUP authentication team thoroughly inspects appropriate serial tags, date codes and materials, so please include any authentication information when sending in handbags. Due to the high value of handbags, thredUP recommends adding Return Assurance to any Clean Out Bags that include handbags.


-Clothing, handbags, or accessories showing signs of wear: rips, tears, pilling, fading, shrinkage, or blemishes of any kind. When sending shoes, please check the top surface, interior, and soles to ensure they are clean and free of scuff marks.

-Items with missing or broken parts, stains and odors, or items that are shrunk, stretched, or altered.

-Items missing sizing information.

-Brands we do not accept.

-Clothing and handbags that are not manufactured by the brand represented on the item.

-Clothing and handbags purchased more than five years ago.

-Women’s holiday-themed items.

-Outdated denim treatments or pant cuts


-We encourage you to send in seasonally-relevant clothing. Shorts in summer. Coats in winter. That sort of thing.

-You might receive a higher payout for items that still have the original price tags attached.

New-with-tags items are not automatically accepted. They must meet our high-quality standards and be free of imperfections.

-Currently, we are limiting acceptance of dress pants, blazers, and workwear.

-To help identify matching sets, please place them in smaller bags within your Clean Out Bag.

-Fashion and costume jewelry can be put in a clear, zip-lock bag and placed inside your Clean Out Bag.

-For designer items, you may be asked to provide evidence of authenticity.

What Happens to My Unaccepted Items?

thredUP works with organizations, wholesalers, and thrifting companies to distribute, resell, and recycle all of our unaccepted clothing. We do receive a

nominal amount of compensation for these items which is used to help offset a portion of the shipping costs incurred when customers send us their Clean Out Bags.

If you would like your unaccepted items returned to you, please add Return Assurance to your Clean Out Bag. Please thoroughly review thredUP’s quality standards before sending in your Clean Out Bag.

Can I Get Back My Accepted Items?

No. Once your Clean Out Bag or Donation Clean Out Bag has been processed, we are unable to send any of your accepted items back.