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ADVICE FROM A STYLE EXPERT: Lightning-Quick Summer Fashion Tips

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Dressing for warm weather can be a but of a puzzle—keeping cool, but covered up is challenging, especially if you’re headed to an office everyday. Doing all that on a budget? Even tougher.

No fear, thredUP Brand Style Manager Lindsay  is here to share a few super-quick insider tips on her favorite summer styles: lightwash denim, lightweight silk, and day-to-night handbags.

Stay tuned, we’ll hook you up with some practical tips as the seasons change to help you transition your summer loves to fall favorites.

Check out our (like) new arrivals. You can filter by wash or color to find exactly what you want. Don’t forget to size up.

Silk is lightweight for summer and it’s a great material to buy secondhand. It lasts for years and years.

Finding the perfect handbag is no small feat. Check out our latest selections now!

Tell us in the comments, what are you loving this summer?