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Valentine’s Schmalentine’s: 7 Alternative Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day can be sappy, and its worst, it can make you feel bad about yourself for being single (which, hello, you know is dumb!). Screw that. Here are seven ways to celebrate a little differently this year:

1. STAY IN: It’s warm, it’s free, it’s your living room couch! Stay in, wearing some fancy sweats from Lululemon or Sweaty Betty. Order some takeout. Watch a movie or marathon your fave TV show. Done. Romantic partners optional.

2. GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT: Celebrate friendship, the best ship of all. Head out for girly pink cocktails with your main crew. Mock the PDAs. Add red lipstick.

3. FAMILY NIGHT: V-Day’s all about love. Stay in with your family and focus on dedicating your attention to one another. That means turning off your smartphones. Like off off.

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4. CHICK FLICK MARATHON: Embrace V-Day for what it is and load your Netflix queue with rom-coms. Watch them with your honey, your friends, or solo! It’s up to you. Some our favorite rom-coms: 13 Going 30, The Holiday, When Harry Met Sally, The Sweetest Thing, and Bridget Jones’s Diary.  (Did we miss your faves? add them in comments below, we’re always on the hunt for a good chick flick.)


Girl’s night out in “The Sweetest Thing.”

5. SHOP! Treat yourself to fancy brands at incredible prices. Bonus points if you shop from your phone on the thredUP app during commercials while watching a rom-com on TV. We’ve curated two collections just in time for V-Day, one is for going out, the other for staying in.
6. VOLUNTEER: Spread the love and volunteer your evening to those in need. Today is a good day to volunteer at a homeless shelter, soup kitchen or an animal shelter. If you’re pressed for time, consider donating the money you would have spend on a fancy V-Day gift or dinner to a good cause that needs your funds.
7. HAVE SOME PUN: Place an order on Monday, February 6th or after and you’ll receive FREE Valentines  (+ a sweet deal) to share with your gal pals. February’s the month of love, and these will be included for free in all orders until February 28th or while supplies last.


PLUS: You could win, too! Head over to this blog post and come with a Valentine’s Day pun! (Like: You’re my sweetart!) – we’ll be awarding $1000 worth of shopping prizes to three punners. You have until March 6th to enter.


Happy Valentine’s Day!