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Apps to Share With Dad on Father’s Day

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This Sunday is time to turn your attention to dad! If you didn’t buy him a gift, don’t sweat it. Father’s Day is all about being thoughtful, and we’ve found a few great apps with dad in mind. Borrow his iPad or smartphone for a few minutes to download them and surprise him with a quick tutorial on Sunday morning!

1. iHandy Carpenter

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Hanging a family photo is a piece of cake with iHandy Carpenter. Its e-toolbox is complete with a ruler, protractor and a bubble level bar — to ensure that your frame is perfectly aligned, without taking up any additional garage space!  ($1.99 – Available for iPad, iPhone and Android)

2. Grill Guide

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You and dad can perfect your barbecuing techniques together in time for July 4th! This app has all of the answers to questions on grilling time and prep for different cuts of meat along with some great recipes. Bonus: The app is built to operate entirely offline, so you won’t be left hanging if you don’t have cell service on the beach or at the campground. ($.99 – Available for iPad, iPhone and Android)

3. Gas Cubby

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If you plan to take some family road trips this summer, this one will come in handy. Gas Cubby tracks your gas mileage and sends reminders when it’s time to change the oil, rotate the tires or replace the brake pads. The app can keep track of multiple vehicles in your household to help save money and keep your cars in good condition. ($1.99 – Available for iPad and iPhone)

4. Full Fitness

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 3.34.28 PMYou care about dad’s health, so help him stay in shape and enjoy working out! With Full Fitness, he can create a workout plan, view pictures of over 300 different exercises, watch video demonstrations and track his progress. Reviewers say it’s more like a personal trainer than just an app. ($1.99 – Available for iPad and iPhone)

5. Tie a tie

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Diversify dad’s wardrobe with the addition of a few new accessory looks! This app offers step-by-step instructions for tying over 20 different knots (we didn’t know that many existed!), so you can even learn how to help him look his best. It boasts a clever mirror feature, picture demonstrations and an animated visual guide; tying a tie has never been easier. (Free – Available for iPad, iPhone and Android)

Do you have any favorite apps that you would recommend for dads? Let us know in the comments!