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Back-to-You for Back-to-School

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back_to_you_blog_banner_FINALBefore I co-founded thredUP and way back in 2001, I was teacher at Pacific Collegiate School. Every year I watched parents (Moms especially!) work hard doing everything and anything to help their kids get ready to head back-to-school. So here at thredUP this back-to-school season we’re doing something a little special.

We’re excited to announce a pilot program called “Back-to-You” – where Moms earn cashback for themselves for every item they buy for their kids. It’s our way of saying thanks to the Moms out there working hard to get kids ready to head back-to-school and encouraging Mom to get herself something nice this Fall.

The program is very simple. For every kids (boys, girls, juniors) item you purchase between July 22nd and September 13 (what we’ve decided is the back-to-school season), we’ll issue you 10% cashback on October 1st to use towards a women’s item(s). We will communicate the amount you earned for each order on your order confirmation and by email.  We are experimenting with this program as a long-term VIP perk and hope that you all enjoy it.

Thanks for all you do getting our kids ready to head back to school!


the Nitty Gritty Details (from the lawyers):

You only earn cashback on the paid value of the items (discounts, complimentary credits, etc. do not apply).  Returned items do not count toward credit. This reward will come as one coupon (totaling all the purchases you made during this period) on October 1st and will need to be used all at one time and is non-transferable. It will expire on December 31st at midnight PST. Void where prohibited.