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#badassmoms, are you with us?

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Today is an exciting day. We’re launching a series that we’re super passionate about, one that we hope you will help us share and grow.

Over the next several months, we will be shining a bright light on women who are living amazing lives. They are defining new norms for themselves and their families. Putting something out there in the world for us all to enjoy and admire, exhibiting a quiet courage that inspires us. These women are badass and they live just next door.

Whether it’s starting their own businesses, building their families, pursuing their passions, surviving failure or meeting adversity – these women are making modern choices and with the help and support of the amazing communities around them, making it happen.

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It isn’t about doing or having it all but (at times) putting certain things ahead of others, prioritizing in a way that works. For each woman and family, it’s individual and personal.

Their stories are worth celebrating, and we want to share them with the world, so we’re launching #badassmoms. To celebrate that success comes in all shapes and sizes. To highlight the struggle, the joy and the passion behind each unique and inspiring story.

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We are kicking off the #badassmoms series today (yay!) with the mega-inspiring mama, Kristen Philipkoski. Check out her story, shop her style, and start the conversation with all of the #badassmoms in your life.

Thank you, ladies. You are all BADASS .

xoxo Team thredUP

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