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Bake Sales: Expectations Vs Reality

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School is finally in full swing and the fundraising is just beginning. If you’re as excited for bake sales as your kids are for homework then read on! It’s our fun take on why the road to cupcakes isn’t always so sweet.

1. Shopping For IngredientsExpectations: You’ll run to the store quick to pick up a few ingredients.


Shopping For IngredientsReality: Making sure you have enough options for the gluten-free, nut-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free kids at school. And carrying them to your car.



2. Prepping Your IngredientsExpectation: You’ll make everything from scratch (and look great doing it).


Prepping Your IngredientsReality: Pillsbury is gluten-free and vegan, right?



3. Mixing The IngredientsExpectation: You’ll clean as you go. Your kitchen will be spotless, naturally.

Mixing The IngredientsExpectation: You find chocolate chips in the dishwasher and wonder how they got there.



4. Time To Bake These GoodsExpectation: You are better than Gwyneth. You are better than Gwyneth.


Time To Bake These GoodsReality: What does she know anyway?! Cupcake uncoupling.



5. Using Your Decorating SkillsExpectations: You are so glad you took a cake decorating class on a whim last year. You got this.


Using Your Decorating SkillsReality: You are totally embracing your imperfections.



6. The Actual Bake SaleExpectation: All your friends are going to come. They’ll buy two of everything. It’s going to be a perfect day!


The Actual Bake SaleReality: Maybe their transcendental meditation class is going over…



7. Sampling The GoodsExpectation: You won’t touch a thing. After all, you’ve already tried the dough and worked hard on the finished product. You don’t even want a cookie.

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Sampling The GoodsReality: You don’t work out every day for nothin’.



8. FundraisingExpectation: You’ll raise so much money for your school! So worth it!


FundraisingReality: Every kid gets a new #2 pencil.



9. Post-Bake SaleExpectation: After today, you’ll consider opening up your own bakery.


Post-Bake Sale—Reality: Maybe there’s a reason why your cookie jar at home is always full (despite the fact that you have three kids on sports teams).



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