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#badassmoms: The 8 Best BAM Lessons Of 2016

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thredUP’s #badassmoms series began in late 2015, and since then we’ve profiled eight incredible women—from a foster mom to a vegan chef to a Brooklyn-based musician. But #badassmoms is about so much more than just getting inspired by the lives and styles of the individual women we profile, it’s a time for our entire community to celebrate their own lives and to take part in a really important conversation.

The little bits of wisdom we’ve gathered from each mom are what we’re collectively calling BAM Lessons. Here, we want to share our favorites from the year with you!

1. Kristen Philipkoski (our first BAM!) is adopted and has two foster children. To families considering fostering children, Kristen said, “Do it! So many children need safe, loving homes… Trust me, you will feel more love than discomfort.”


2.Breaking the rules does not mean you’re hypocrite. Badass twin mom and food entrepreneur Ashley Knies reminded us of that when she said, “It’s okay to break the rules that you made before the babies came. Do what you need to do in the moment to keep your sanity.” 


3. Embrace the mess. Badass mom of two teens and cult-followed colorist Maya Webb: “It’s all messy: the hair. The bed. The words. The heart. Life…” Life is a mess, and that’s okay.


4. Wear whatever you want. Do you. Be you. Badass mom and Brooklyn-based musician Miwa Gemini wears exclusively dresses to feel most like herself (and to simplify her mornings). She says, “I’m a dress girl. They’re so easy, you just put them on with a pair of cowboy boots and people says, ‘Oh, you are so dressed up today!” I wear dresses exclusively.”


5. Create the life you need and want according to your own rules. Badass mom Karina Linch has found it in her flexible schedule—working from home part-time, working from her office part-time. She also lives communally with her sister’s family! Of her home life she says, “A communal living situation is just a really wonderful thing that I recommend to anybody.”

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6. Live for now! Oakland-based badass mom and author of the blog “Mama Knows It All”  Brandi Jeter celebrates her imperfections. She’s said, “You don’t need to have a cookie cutter perfect life in order to have successes.” 


7. NYC-based badass mom or two Tara Pucci shared deeply poignant insights with us on living life after experiencing profound loss. Her advice to women who have experienced profound loss: “Make your bed in the morning so you don’t get back in. Leave the house. Smile and laugh. Don’t feel guilty.”


8. Focus on what matters to you. Not anyone else. From badass mom and TV journalist Megan Alexander, we learned to stop striving for perfection. Focus on what matters to you. Megans has said: “You can have it all, but you can’t it have it all perfectly.”


Bonus! Did you know 95% of our badass mom nominations are self-nominations? Naturally, right? We asked our Facebook fans what makes them a badass, moms or not. While not lessons per se, there’s a heck of a lot to learn by taking a peek into the lives of others. Keep on being badass!

I gave birth 7 days ago and am nursing around the clock. Still managed a shower and 2 naps with my little man. – Sara J. R.

I am a single mom of a beautiful seven year old little girl (my namesake), I go to school full time, I am a full time mother, homemaker, care provider and friend. -Sarah Jane D.

I just recently survived lung cancer and I’m a foster mom to teen girls! – Deana S.

I survived domestic violence and learned how to live again!- Mimi G.

I spoke to a room of women and some men about the miscarriage I had in May to help them understand the importance of reaching out to each other when we need help. – Michelle W.

I take care of my kids on my terms. – Victoria C.

I’m a Mimi of four and mother of three. Life changes everyday and I put my big girl panties on💃 – Stephanie P.

I’ve served for 29 years in the military. – Tonya H.

I woke up this morning and got out of bed. – Alicia R.

Tell us in the comments: What makes you a badass? What is your top life lesson?