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Bathroom Cleanliness in a Flash

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We are both moms to five-year-old boys and it can be a very busy job. Maintaining our careers and homes (especially our son’s bathrooms) is a daily occupation. Since time is of the essence, we have established a 15-minute bathroom cleaning routine and we’re sharing our tips as part of the Scrubbing Bubbles Dirty Work Panel. 

A recent study conducted by Scrubbing Bubbles – the Scrubbing Bubbles Dirty Work Index – discovered that cleaning becomes more important as women experience major milestones in their lives. In fact, 66 percent of women said their cleaning habits changed once they had kids. Wow – we can relate to these findings!  We definitely clean more often and more thoroughly since having kids and we wanted to share a few tips to make cleaning a breeze when juggling the daily and busy tasks of being a mom.

Here are our tips to achieving a clean bathroom in just 15-minutes with the help of these great products from Scrubbing Bubbles!

  1.  The Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush MAX Pads and Fresh Brush Flushables is a necessity.  This nifty tool eliminates odors as it cleans, is perfect for everyday touch-ups, and is great for tough stains. 
  2. Wipe bathroom counters with Scrubbing Bubbles Soap Scum Remover. This product is great for cleaning grime on bathroom surfaces and leaves a fresh scent.
  3. Clean all your other bathroom surfaces (shower/tub) with Fantastik Oxy Power Multi-Purpose Cleaner. It’s great for removing spots and stains from hard surfaces.

A fresh, smelling bathroom is a mom’s dream. What are some of your tips for achieving a clean bathroom? Share them on the Scrubbing Bubbles Facebook page and follow the Scrubbing Bubbles Twitter page for more tips and chances to win prizes.

* This post is sponsored by Scrubbing Bubbles®, but our review and opinions are our own.