Published on november 21, 2018

WINNING: 5 Shopping Hacks You NEED to Know for Black Friday

written by Team thredUP


Thrifters, we have a crazy week ahead of us! Fortune and jaw-dropping deals favor the prepared, so here are the top hacks you’ll need to get an edge over the competition.

Hint hint, check your emails next week for a promo-palooza. Just between us, word around the office is that there may even be a 50% off promo… so let’s gear up for the biggest shopping week of the year! 

Psst: For mystery promo terms & conditions, please visit here.

HACK #1: Save Your Sizes. ALL of Them.

saveSizeWhy spend precious shopping time sifting through clothes that aren’t even in your size? Get to the good stuff faster by saving your sizes in your personal Dressing Room. That includes waist size, shoe size… you get the idea. To set your preferences, go to your Dressing Room. Want to learn how to save money and time? Start by saving your sizes!

HACK #2: Save Your Searches

saveSearchShopping for a holiday dress? Looking for a handbag from that brand you LOVE? We get thousands of arrivals EVERY HOUR, which can be pretty overwhelming unless you save your searches.

Save your searches and we’ll email you daily updates on the latest arrivals that fit your search. It’s an easy way to keep tabs on what matters most to you, AND you’ll get to the new stuff faster.

HACK #3: Favorite, Favorite, Favorite



Your Favorites page is basically your shopping wish list, and it will be an invaluable asset when the Black Friday sales start. No need to flip through endless pages of items, all your must-have goodies are just a tap away! You can instantly scoop ’em all up before anyone else can even find them. 

HACK #4: Multiple Codes? Bundle It Upbundle

Don’t tell anyone else (okay, maybe just your BFFs), but there’s going to be MORE than one promo code this week. You can only use one code per order, so the best way to use all your codes AND get free shipping is to opt into Buy & Bundle. This feature gives you more time to earn your way to free shipping by letting you bundle orders. Need some fashion inspiration? Check out our recent articles right here on thrEDIT!

HACK #5: Get Notified


Found something you love, but it’s in someone else’s cart? All hope is NOT lost. You may still have a chance to score that deal!

Choose to get notified, and we’ll email or notify you via the app if the item drops out of someone else’s cart! Items drop from carts all the time, so this feature is pretty nifty. 

P.S. Make sure you turn on the In Someone’s Cart feature, or you won’t be able to see all the Black Friday deals that are hidden away!

P.P.S. The app notification is faster than the email. Turn on your app alerts on thredUP’s iPhone app and Android app, y’all.

Check everything off this list, and you’ll have the BEST Black Friday week. Let us know your favorite hack in the comments below, and let the thrifting games BEGIN!