Published on september 12, 2018

Brand Spotlight: What We Love About Lululemon

written by Team thredUP

Do you remember when wearing leggings as pants was a fashion faux pas? That was a dark, dark time and we couldn’t be more thankful those times are over. Now, athleisure has become the norm for weekender outfits, thanks to brands like Lululemon Athletica. Athleisure is casual, comfortable clothing designed for exercise and everyday wear—that means we can wear yoga pants everywhere. In our opinion, there’s never been a better trend!

Although some people (namely, us) like the athleisure trend simply because they can wear yoga pants everywhere, Lululemon was originally created for people who lead or want to lead active lifestyles. Created in Vancouver, Canada in 2000, it started out as a storefront for active clothes during the day and a yoga studio in the evening. Soon after, they focused solely on designing and producing unique activewear. For the founders, Lululemon was more than a place to buy activewear; they wanted to create a brand that could also serve as an avenue for people to meet others with common interests, learn about fitness and health, and feel comfortable and confident. It’s like looking at someone on the street and saying, “you’re wearing Lululemon, I’m wearing Lululemon, LET’S BE BESTIES”. 


Lululemon has an instantly recognizable logo and a reputation for high quality active and casual wear. However, the price point for Lululemon clothing prevents some of us from trying out the brand. Fret not, sporty spice! You don’t have to wait for a big Lululemon sale when there are like-new Lululemon styles at thredUP everyday for up to 90% the estimated retail prices.


If you’re just starting your fitness journey, try shopping Lululemon leggings and tank tops to begin your workout wardrobe. A great way to get motivated to work out is to wear cute workout clothes that makes you feel confident and Lululemon has some of the best yoga pants to choose from! If you’re not a gym or studio person, you can find the perfect Lululemon track jacket to wear on hikes or runs outside. So pick up those workout basics, and you’ll be juice cleansing and yoga retreating in no time!


Maybe you’re a Lululemon fanatic already and you just want more-more Lulu. At thredUP, you can get a Lululemon workout outfit for every kind of exercise you do. A tank for yoga, a shorts and skirts for any activity involving cardio, long sleeve top for parasailing, sports bras for pole dancing, and stretchy pants for competitive eating (that’s a sport!). TBH, we salute you and your fitness instagram, so please stock up on Lululemon, and continue posting your I-made-it-to-the-top-of-the-hike pictures. You are GOALS.


Are you not SUPER active? It’s cool if you’re just looking for your chill day-off outfits. Activewear is amazing because you can also wear it when you’re not being the least bit active. All we’re saying is that you don’t HAVE to play a sport to wear a sports bra. The beauty of athleisure is that being an active person and a lazy person doesn’t require separate wardrobes. What a time to be alive, truly. Long live athleisure and staying active! 


Let us know where you are in your fitness journey and your current fitness and lifestyle goals! And serious question—do you think there will ever be a day when we could wear leggings to the office?