Published on october 20, 2017

Brand Spotlight: 10 Things to Love About Zara

written by Team thredUP

We’ve always loved Zara. You can find a wide range of styles from basic to classic to trendy, the prices are affordable, and it’s one of Garance Dore’s and Kate Middleton’s favorite stores (maybe that’s why they don’t need to advertise!). It’s also not as fast-fashion-y as some other brands—newness is a constant but the quality never suffers. Did you know? Shopping resale reduces fast fashion’s environmental impact. It’s a smart alternative that’s good for the planet, our communities, and your wallet. Now you can wear the brands you love guilt-free. Read on to find out more about Zara Woman, Zara Studio, Zara TRF (Trafaluc), and Zara Kids.

Photo Credit: Trendy Taste

But first, some cool facts.

  1. Zara was founded in Spain in 1975. We can’t believe it’s been around that long either! The first store didn’t open in the US until 2011. That was a good year for fashion.
  2. It takes an average of two weeks to design, develop, and produce new styles. (Wow.)
  3. Zara is owned by Inditex, the world’s largest apparel retailer.
  4. There are over 2000 stores present in 88 countries.
  5. 50% of Zara’s items are manufactured in Spain.
  6. Zara became the biggest retailer in the world to raise awareness for Greenpeace’s Detox campaign, and switch to a fully toxic-free production.
  7. If a design does not sell well within one week, it is taken off the floor. (So, that means all the Zara styles we sell at thredUP must have made it through this rigorous style test.)
  8. There are always a few Zara styles in each store that are of the highest quality and design, not to be found replicated anywhere else. These are the true hidden gems. They always vary from store to store. But lucky you, you have access to all Zara’s gems at thredUP.
  9. They categorize their women’s collections based on classics, higher-end studio pieces, and casual and trendy styles. You can search specifically for each Zara collection on thredUP. More on this below.
  10. Check Zara often at thredUP. Even better, save the brand on your My thredUP page to get notified each time we receive a new Zara gem. Because the inventory in stores changes so frequently, our inventory updates quickly as well.

Zara Woman

Photo Credit: Just the Design

Zara Woman is your go-to label for classic pieces you can build a wardrobe around. Essential tees and tops, must-have blazers, on-trend dresses, and cool, unique outerwear pieces.

Zara Studio

Photo Credit: Who What Wear

This is Zara’s slightly higher end line where you’ll find impeccable quality and timeless design. Look for leather skirts and trousers, faux fur coats, lace dresses, sculptural booties, and sophisticated jewelry.

Zara Trafaluc

Photo Credit: Thrifts and Threads

TRF (for short) is Zara’s younger, trendier line aimed toward 13-25-year-olds. Think graphic tees, bright puffy jackets, embellishments, velvet, exaggerated silhouettes, color pops, and fun details.

Zara Kids

Don’t forget the little ones! Zara has pint-sized versions of all their incredible styles. It’s a great option for the fashion-forward kid in your life, especially if you like to do the mama-daughter twin thing.  Each season, you’ll find updated basics, dressy styles, capsule collections, and sportswear for girls and boys ages 5-14, and babies 3 months-4 years.

Mix and match their collections to make the ultimate Zara outfits. Tell us what you love about Zara below and share your best Zara thredUP finds!