Published on january 4, 2017


written by Team thredUP


What does the word “Nordstrom” mean to you? When we hear Nordstrom, we think of fond memories (lunch with Grandma while holiday shopping) and of the nicest bathrooms at the mall (just kidding) (not really). We also associate Nordy’s with high quality and really well-curated, just-trendy-enough selections. They have something for everyone.

Because Nordstrom makes such high quality and cute items, their brands are great to buy secondhand. They hold up well, aren’t as likely to go out style as trendier brands, and are just a fraction of the price when purchased preloved. Think Lucky Brand, Theory, Lilly Pullitzer, Madewell, and more.

Since it’s the new year, now is the perfect time to invest in a few key pieces, and we’re thinking Nordstrom-on-thredUP is your move. Great jeans, booties, cozy accessories, all kinds of handbags, and for the extra-thrifty among us: Nordstrom Rack items, too!

The cherry on top is that if you check out our Nordstrom curation, you’ll find treasures from all of the brands the retailer carries. On one page you can see Vince and Sanctuary goodies. It’s like shopping at Nordstrom, but not. Instead, you’re cozy on your couch, you can buy four items instead of one (or none, to be real), and your cat is probably on your lap. Win.

Tell us: What are your favorite Nordstrom memories?