Published on april 1, 2017

13 Pawesome Cat Stats Revealed

written by Team thredUP

FURWORD: Furry Felines Shape Future of Resale

This year’s Annual Pet Report is sartorially focused on our most loyal demographic. Cats! Obsessed with fashion, always delighted by our polka-dot boxes, and quick to jump on new trends, cats admit that shopping secondhand is their #1 secret hack to looking fabulous on a budget. Even felines know you don’t have to spend a ton of money to look like a million bucks.

“Like-new arrivals from brands I love, at up to 90% off? Are you kitten me?” – Boots the cat

April Fool’s! Well, sort of. Cats really do LOVE thredUP (we have proof!). If your cat is super into our boxes too, send us pics! You might have a future Instagram star in your future.
P.S. thredUP’s REAL Annual Resale Report is coming out April 11. And it’s just as juicy. Stay tuned!